As pet parents, part of our job is grooming. How we live up to that responsibility is up to us. Instead of grooming our dogs ourselves, we may sometimes take them to a groomer. But if you want to groom your dog at home, consider purchasing a grooming table.

A dog grooming table allows you to raise your Fido to the most comfortable height for you and allows you to reposition the table to a good angle for clipping, brushing, and other grooming activities whenever you need to.

What’s the Difference? A Table’s a Table

A grooming table is made specifically for a groomer, whether professional or one working with his own dog at home. They have features that your regular kitchen table doesn’t.

Do Pet Parents Need a Dog Grooming Table at Home

They can lift your dog to the height you need to accurately groom him. In the event of a problem of some sort, you can easily see if something has gone wrong, assess the situation immediately, and act quickly. This is especially important if your dog has been injured.

Leashes and restraints often come with the table, and there is a grooming arm clamped to the table to hold the leashes and other restraints. You can also purchase the leashes and restraints and the arm separately.

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The manufacturers of grooming tables have taken your dog’s safety into account. The pebbled surface of many of the tables prevents your dog from slipping and sliding when wet from his bath.

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Many grooming tables are made of metal and plastic, making them easy to clean, and the stainless-steel lining won’t rust. When cleaning your dog grooming table, you need to use nontoxic cleansers as your dog will be standing on the table wet from his bath, and this table will stand up to any cleanser you use.

Do I Need a Dog Grooming Table?

Take into consideration your dog’s size and specific needs as well as how often you groom him before you invest in a grooming table. If you groom him frequently, a grooming table is a wise investment.

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Although dog grooming tables are not cheap (especially the electric and hydraulic ones), the expense of purchasing one is often outweighed by the wear and tear on your body and the expense of a professional pet grooming.

How will my dog react?

Do Pet Parents Need a Dog Grooming Table at HomeYour dog may already be used to grooming tables. If you’ve taken him to the groomer before and he was okay with that, then he probably isn’t totally unfamiliar with them. You lucked out.

However, puppies, elderly dogs, and other dogs who are sensitive or unfamiliar with pet grooming tables might be a little panicked when they’re suddenly hoisted up on a big metal slab. They may even attempt to jump off. Of course, never leave your puppy alone while restrained on a grooming table. He could be seriously injured if he tried to escape but got caught by the restraint.

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A skittish dog should never be restrained either as he could be badly hurt if he tried to jump off. Instead, coax your dog onto the table with treats and toys and praise him every time you elevate him. That way, he’ll have positive associations with the grooming table.

Do they take up a lot of space?

Before you invest in a grooming table, make sure you have the space for it — they aren’t small, usually averaging two feet by three feet.

If you have an electric grooming table, storing it near an electrical outlet would be more convenient since you’ll need one to operate it. Make sure the table is collapsible for storage purposes.


In addition to saving the money you’ve been shelling out in groomers’ fees, think of a grooming table as one of the first steps in building a long-term grooming relationship with your dog.

If you want to take home dog grooming seriously, you need to get serious equipment, and a grooming table is high on that list. You’ll find that grooming is better, faster, and easier with a table whose height can be adjusted to give you a better vantage point. It’s also more sanitary than eating at the same table where you’ve clipped your dog’s hair and nails.

Whatever you decide, make sure your grooming table is safe for your dog and easy for you.