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New Technology Helps Us Understand What Dogs Are Trying to Tell Us

New Technology Helps Us Understand What Dogs Are Trying to Tell Us
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There have been a lot of companies jumping in the pool of pet communication lately, but Voyce is definitely standing out. They have created a wearable band that not only monitors your pet’s health and wellness, but helps communicates the dog’s needs to their owner. The device acts as a guide to a dogs’ interior world.

The simple, sleek band goes on like a regular collar. The device is waterproof and it monitors the dog’s wellness indicators and key vital signs around the clock. The Voyce band uses noninvasive sensors to monitor and record the dog’s resting heart rate, respiration level, sleep patterns, activity level, and the calories that they’ve burned.

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It collect’s this data in real time and syncs it to the Voyce cloud platform wirelessly. The information is then sorted and organized into easy to understand charts that can be viewed in a few different ways. The data can be retrieved from any device with internet access including smartphones, computers, and tablets.

The data isn’t simply just collected and charted either; it is all explained so dog owners can make the most of this innovative technology. If there is any cause for concern in the dog’s recent behavior, the system can request a vet visit for preventative care before the issue becomes a major problem.

New Technology Helps Us Understand What Dogs Are Trying to Tell Us
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The information can be even more effective when shared with a vet. Dog parents can either share the information at the time of the appointment or the veterinarian can access it themselves through the Voyce cloud. This can be extremely beneficial if pet owners don’t know exactly when an issue started, and the technology can also be helpful in tracking the dog’s recovery.

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i4C Innovations, Inc., is the company responsible for this groundbreaking technology. Jeff Noce, president of the company, says that Voyce is not just a health band, but a service that will provide lifelong benefits to the dog and their owner.

Users of Voyce can log into their individual member page and record notes about their dog’s medical history including vaccinations they’ve received. They can also receive advice from experts in the fields of canine behavior, health, and training.

The system also provides up-to-date information on pet product recalls, as well as notifications of when medications are due. Pet owners can use the system to set goals for themselves and their pups as well. For example, a user could set a goal to spend more time playing with their dog and the Voyce system would alert them when the dog hasn’t participated in any activity for a while.

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