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Traveling With Your Dog for Thanksgiving

Let’s Talk: Traveling With Your Dog for Thanksgiving

Will you be taking a Thanksgiving road trip with your pooch this year? If you caught my column last week, you know that I...
Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Dogs

Let’s Talk: Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Dogs

Thanksgiving is only a week away. Last week I gave some pointers for traveling with your dog on Thanksgiving, and this week I'd like...
The Importance of A Quality Dog House

Interview: The Importance of A Quality Dog House

The approaching Thanksgiving holiday means that fall is coming to an end. It's hard to believe that it is this time of year again....
Why You Should Never Give Pets As Gifts

Let’s Talk: Why You Should Never Give Pets As Gifts

Thanksgiving is over and December is officially here. Last week I was giving advice on sharing Thanksgiving dinner with your dog, and now it's...
Common Canine Allergies

8 Resources for Most Common Dog Allergies

Last week I discussed preparing your dog for emergencies. It's an important issue that many pet parents don't think about. An equally important topic...
Christmas Dangers for Dogs

Let’s Talk: Christmas Dangers for Dogs

The holiday season is such a busy time, and pet parents need to be especially diligent. There are many Christmas dangers for dogs that...
The Low Down on the Paleo Diet for Dogs

Interview: The Low Down on the Paleo Diet for Dogs

The current trend in the pet food industry is to follow the trends in the human food industry. As pet owners jump on the...
The Importance of Cognitively Challenging Your Dog

Sunday’s Recap: The Importance of Cognitively Challenging Your Dog

Each week I read through blog posts and articles about a particular subject. Last week I decided to share some great info with you...
Best Homemade Gifts for Dogs DIY

Let’s Talk: Best Homemade Gifts for Dogs

Last week we discussed Christmas dangers for dogs, and there are more than you'd think. With Christmas less than two weeks away, many pet...
Professional Dog Grooming and Being a Pro Dog Groomer

Interview: What’s It Like to Be a Professional Dog Groomer

I never know what kinds of leads I'll get for interviews, but one thing is for sure - they're always with really interesting people. Lisa...
What Is Doga - Yoga With Dogs

Sunday’s Recap: What Is Doga – Yoga With Dogs?

Last week's Sunday Recap focused on cognitively challenging your pet. It's important to help your dog keep his mind sharp, but you need to...
Christmas DIY Gifts for Dog Lovers

Let’s Talk: Last Minute Christmas DIY Gifts for Dog Lovers

Christmas is only two days away. It seems to sneak up faster and faster every year. If the holiday has caught you off guard...


dog names starting with y

Dog Names Starting With Y

Do you plan on getting a pup? Do you have a new furry addition to your family? If you do, you're probably pondering what would...
Can dogs be blood donors - vet extracting blood from dog's cephalic vein

Can Dogs Be Blood Donors?

There are many ways to help dogs in need—voluntary work, shelter adoption, feeding the strays... But have you ever thought of donating blood? No, not yours,...
Dog ate a diaper: Mom changing a baby's diaper with a dog nearby

My Dog Ate a Diaper! Should I Be Worried?

"My dog ate a diaper! What should I do?" If you're a new parent and a dog owner, you should know what they say about...
10 Most Famous Dogs in History

10 Most Famous Dogs in History

Canines are known as man's best friend for a number of reasons. Loyal, intelligent and and affectionate are just a few of the great characteristics of our beloved pets, and the most famous dogs in history are all of this and more! While humble and selfless at heart, dogs often find ways into the spotlight. One viral story or amazing video, and dogs can gain the affection and adoration of the public in mere minutes. That's what inspired me to do research for this list of the most famous dogs in history.
Dog wearing a face mask amid new respiratory illness affecting dogs

New Canine Respiratory Illness Spreading Across US

Years after the COVID-19 pandemic, there's a new viral disease in town spreading around the US... but this time, it's affecting dogs. More than 200...

13 Best Gifts for Veterinarians For Holidays In 2024

A veterinarian is absolutely important for our pet’s health and well-being. And not to mention our own peace of mind as well when our...
5 Signs of Dog Anal Glands Problems (And What to Do)

Dog Anal Glands Problems: Signs, Causes, and Treatment

W hile dog anal gland problems are usually not life-threatening, they are relatively common, except for anal gland cancer. Sadly, when untreated, they can affect your...
How To Make Homemade Flea Spray for Dogs

3 Ways on How to Make Homemade Flea Spray for Dogs

Learning how to make homemade flea spray for dogs will save you money and reduce your pet's exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins. Here's 3 best recipes.

15 Velcro Dog Breeds (Plus Tips to Lessen Their Clinginess)

Picture this: You are trying to sneak into the kitchen for some midnight snack without waking anyone up. Suddenly, you felt a pair of eyes...
Cyrus, Lucky, and Deuce | Image courtesy: Domenick Scudera via Daily Paws

2-Legged Therapy Dogs Inspire Amputee Patients in Rehab

MALVERN, PHILADELPHIA—Cyrus, Lucky, and Deuce are dogs on a mission: inspire the patients of Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital in Philadelphia to get back on...