The Power Leash Exercise System Gives a Boost to Your Dog Walking Workout

If you enjoy walking your dog for exercise purposes, but you'd like to increase the workout, the Power Leash Exercise System is just what you need. The leash comes with a 16-foot retractable leash for one hand and a hand grip for your other hand that is equipped with customizable weights.

The hand grip also has a convenient storage pouch for dog waste bags and a small storage space for car keys, cell phones, or other small items you may need to take along. The weights can be customized from 1.5 pounds-2.5 pounds with the 8 included .5-pound weights.

The leash is also equipped with a double-action trigger that locks it at any desired length. The Power Leash Exercise System comes in either blue or black colors and has an ergonomically designed handle for added comfort.

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