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Sick Puppy Motivates Entrepreneur To Start Her Own Pet Sitting Business

Sick Puppy Motivates Entrepreneur To Start Her Own Pet Sitting Business
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In 2006, Melissa McGinty became a professional pet sitter. Owning a business isn’t easy, but she was prepared for the challenge. Her family’s new puppy, Boomer, was all the motivation she needed. Boomer was very ill and needed constant reliable care. McGinty didn’t want to leave him with just anyone, and the pet sitters in her area were all so expensive. She decided to take matters into her own hands and start Canoodle Professional Pet Sitting.

After having to rely on friends, family, and neighbors to care for her sick puppy, McGinty realized that there was a large need for affordable pet care in her community. Located in McKinney, Texas, she wanted her business to focus completely on pets and what is best for them. Obviously having reliable, responsibly care while their owners are out of town is the most important thing, but what would set her business apart from other similar companies?

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Sick Puppy Motivates Entrepreneur To Start Her Own Pet Sitting Business
Photo: canoodlepetsitters.com

Canoodle Professional Pet Sitters specializes in the personalized care of pets in their own home. According to the owners’ specifications, pet sitters will make routine scheduled visits to the home one to three times a day while the owner is away at work or out of town. Every pet sitter is trained to administer medications both orally or through an injection, so pet parents never have to worry about their beloved companion’s health when they aren’t available to tend to his needs.

They provide a variety of options to meet the needs of any owner that requires pet sitting services. They offer daily walks, mid-day let-outs, pet sitting for dogs and cats, and puppy training. Because McGinty understands the needs of pet owners whose dogs require special attention, the company focuses on the care of senior pets and special-needs clients as well.

McGinty has three employees who have all had background checks. She has liability insurance and bonding. All handlers are also trained in canine and feline CPR and first aid, and Canoodle Professional Pet Sitters is part of the Professional United Pet Sitters organization (PUPS). McGinty is a registered pet sitter with the state of Texas and Collin County.

The company is also a member of the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence (APSE). McGinty’s goal is to have her business and employees seen as strict professionals, not glorified dog babysitters. Her philosophy is that pet sitters do much more than just feed and water your pet when you are away. They spend quality time with your animal, give him plenty of exercise and attention, and are trained to recognize if your dog needs veterinary assistance.

Sick Puppy Motivates Entrepreneur To Start Her Own Pet Sitting Business
Photo: canoodlepetsitters.com

McGinty and her employees go above and beyond interacting with pets. They will water plants, take in the mail, and even alternate your lighting so no one will know that you are not home. They’ll even scoop your cat’s litterbox. Dog and cat sitting will cost owners $20 per visit, but wouldn’t that be worth it to have the peace of mind that your pet is well cared for while you’re away? Not to mention, that’s cheaper than most boarding facilities.

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We don’t leave our pets with sitters or at a kenneling facility. Thankfully we have family that can come and stay with them while we are gone. However, I would certainly be leery about leaving our home and our animals in the care of a stranger. I would want to make sure the business was insured and certified, not to mention I would definitely want to speak to their references.

If you are in need of a pet sitter, I would recommend looking for a company in advance and so you have plenty of time to meet the sitters and ask plenty of questions. If you’re not comfortable with the person caring for your pets you will never be able to completely enjoy your vacation. A good pet sitter will make you feel at ease. You’ll know that you’re leaving your pets in the capable hands of someone who will love and care for them while you’re away.

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