ChuckIt!’s Sling Shot Toy Launcher That’s Fun For Owners and Dogs

Some dogs love to play fetch. The farther you can throw it, the more fun they have. They just love to run after a ball or chew toy. Ball throwers are great, but the Ultra Sling from Chuckit! is a lot more fun. Chuckit! is a brand by Petmate and they specialize in designing toys for dogs that love to fetch. You could use this sling shot with a ball if you wanted to, but it comes with an Ultra Dart that will glide, spin, and dive, adding an extra level of excitement to the game.

You know your dog loves to play, but do you realize how much more fun he has when you interact with him? Dogs are social creatures by nature and your pet gets a lot more enjoyment out of a toy when you use it with him. I love interactive toys like this one, because they are just as much fun for you as they are for your dog.

The Ultra Sling’s super stretchy elastic band allows for an adjustable range so you can fling the dart really far at the dog park, but send it flying just a few feet while in the backyard at home. It’s also equipped with a molded grip and a hand guard for added comfort. I like its small size. You could easily fit it in a pocket or purse for convenient transportation.

The dart that is included with the Ultra Sling doesn’t float, but you can purchase the Ultra Wing dog toy separately, which is compatible with the Ultra Sling and does float in water. Although it doesn’t look very durable, many consumers have commented that this toy holds up great to average chewers, even large breeds. The darts are universal dog toys that are supposed to be good for any size, age, or breed of dog.

As adults, we can’t help but get bored after doing the same thing for the tenth time in a row, but our dogs don’t feel the same way. They want to watch you throw that toy and then run after it time and time again, and it’s just as exciting and fun each time. The Ultra Sling will stop you from getting bored after the third throw, or fling in this case. Trust me, I tried out a friend’s last week and I don’t know who was having more fun, her dog or me!

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