Best Thanksgiving Dog Toys 2018

The holiday season is upon us and the time to fill our homes with toys is here as well. We buy all sorts of things for ourselves on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but we sometimes ignore our four-legged friends. After all, they have no idea what Thanksgiving is, do they? Maybe not, but these Thanksgiving dog toys will certainly make your pet happy!

Your dog can see and feel that it is a special time through you and your actions. It is a time for festivities, a time for us to get new things and to eat special human treats. Dogs may not understand the reason for all of this or the meaning behind Thanksgiving, but you can be sure that they understand that it is a festive time.

The importance of new dog toys:

Getting your dog new toys is a good idea in general, not just on Thanksgiving. Purdue University has an evidence-based guide (PDF) listing all the reasons why it’s actually quite important for the dog to be frequently stimulated mentally with new dog toys, new puzzles to solve, new games to play, and new tricks to learn. This gives your dog the feel of dynamics that is essential for his mental stimulation and overall health.

Coolest and Safest Thanksgiving Dog ToysI'm not saying this as a “plot to further consumerism.” It is true that a dog can be perfectly happy with anything as a toy, as long as it’s interesting, comfortable to chew on, makes an interesting sound or is fun to chase on the floor – as long as it is new and exciting for the dog.

However, commercial dog toys do have their advantages. They are usually designed to stimulate your dog’s interest on several different levels, they are designed to be 100% safe for your pooch and they are also usually designed to last (as long as you choose one that is made for your dog's chewing level).

This is the perfect time to buy your pet a few festive Thanksgiving dog toys. Not only will they help to keep your pup entertained while you have guests in your home, but your guests may also actually enjoy playing with your pooch and his new toys.

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31 Coolest and Safest Thanksgiving Dog Toys

Thanksgiving Dog Toys

1. Dog Toothbrush Interactive Corn Toy By Carllg Store

Dog Toothbrush Interactive Corn Toy By Carllg Store

First on our list of the best Thanksgiving dog toys is a bit unique. The Carllg's Dog Toothbrush INteractive Corn Toy is not only for their enjoyment. But it is also great for their dental health. It is tested and approved by many aggressive chewers. This product is made of bite-resistant TPR material, which will not be deformed even if the dog plays with it for a long time, this product is suitable for small, medium, and large dogs in any breed.

Planet dog orbee thanksgiving dog toys2. Orbee-Tuff Squeak Ball Dog Toy By Planet Dog

Planet Dog makes an appearance on my list of Thanksgiving dog toys, with their Orbee Tuff Squeak Ball Dog Toy. Very bouncy, light enough to float, squeaky, non-toxic, and an awful lot of fun, this squeak ball toy will captivate your dog’s attention for hours at a time.


Rubie's Pilgrim Boy Dog Costume3. Rubie's Pilgrim Boy Dog Costume

Rubie’s turkey costume isn’t the only cool idea you can go with. Their Pilgrim dog costume is quite fun as well. Equipped with everything, down to the hat, this costume makes not only for a cool picture but for a lot of laughter and a good time as well. You can find more Thanksgiving dog costumes here if you're looking to dress up your pooch and join the festivities with the rest of the family.


Sequoia Squirrel Dog Toy by West Paw4. Sequoia Squirrel Dog Toy by West Paw

Dogs may love to chase cats, but one animal that they usually chase with even more enthusiasm is squirrels. And while it’s not fun when it happens, you can always get your dog a cool squirrel toy for some indoor playtime.


5. Pumpkin Find a Toy Halloween Dog Toy by Midlee

This cool set of dog toys has a bat, a ghost, a pumpkin, and a candy corn toy in it. The bat and the ghost toys also have squeakers in them for an even more captivating experience. Why buy one toy, when with this set you can literally shower your dog with new and fun Thanksgiving dog toys?


6. Blueberry Pet Thanksgiving Fall Festival Moonlit Turkey Designer Dog Collar

Collars are often viewed by people as something that’s a nuisance to the dog. And they could be that, but only if you’ve trained and raised your pup poorly. A well-raised dog loves its collar because it viewed it as a park-buddy. So, why not get your dog this cool Thanksgiving-themed collar for this Thanksgiving?


Pacific pups thanksgiving dog toys7. Pacific Pups Products 11-Piece Dog Chew Toy Set

Another pack option of multiple Thanksgiving dog toys, this set of 11 toys from Pacific pups is quite the treat. All of the toys are safety-tested and are great for chewing, shaking, and tug of war. The set includes dog ropes and a dog poop bag roll to reduce dogs' anxiety and prevent them from chewing on furniture and other personal belongings. It's a great boredom buster and solution for dogs with anxiety. They are highly durable and guarantee countless hours of fun for you and your pooch.


EETOYS Animal Collection Dog Squeaky Plush Toys8. EETOYS Animal Collection Dog Squeaky Plush Toys

A perfect marriage between a squeaky fabric plush toy and a rubber toy, this monkey dog toy is a great indoor gift for any dog – highly durable and insanely entertaining, it will occupy a ton of your dog’s time.


9. Thanksgiving Plush Turkey Dog Toy

Not just a plush toy, this MacGee Wooly Turkey dog toy by HuggleHounds is made with their Tuffut technology, guaranteeing great longevity and a ton of fun. Machine washable and squeaky inside, this is a great gift for your pup.


Party Fowl Dog Toy Turkey10. Party Fowl Dog Toy Turkey

With its tightly woven canvas exterior, this is quite an interesting rope/plush toy. The arms/wings are made out of rope, and the toy also has not one but two squeaky centers. Highly durable and lots of fun, this is a great toy for any dog.


11. Halloween Plush Pumpkin Dog ToysHalloween Plush Dog Toy

Pumpkin plush toys are a great mix between a plush toy and an indoor ball. These Thanksgiving dog toys are perfect for rolling, tackling, and chewing. This Pumpkin Plush dog toy also has a squeaky center for additional fun and stimulation.


Living World Nibblers Corn Husk Chews Carrot12. Living World Nibblers Corn Husk Chews Carrot

Carrots may not be the most delicious food for a dog (even though some Fidos love them), but dog toys in the form of rope carrots (like this one from Living World) are an ideal chew toy for any pup. Great for your dog’s dental health and a ton of fun, even thanks to the raffia top, this is a great gift.


13. Pumpkin Chew Toys

Another set of 5 cotton rope toys, this Ballmie pack will give your pup a lot of diverse options for fun and play. Don’t let your dog get bored with one simple, boring toy when you can give it a whole new arsenal to play with.


Tuffy Barnyard Dog Toy - Talulah the Turkey14. Tuffy Barnyard Dog Toy – Talulah Turkey

A beautiful turkey that may even make you a bit sad once you see your dog chewing on it, dragging it through the floor, stomping it with its feet, and throwing it in the air, this Tuffy Barnyard Toy is nevertheless amazing for a dog to play with.


Squeaker Screaming Rubber Roasted Pig Pet Dog Toy15. Squeaker Screaming Rubber Roasted Pig Pet Dog Toy

Turkeys aren’t the only symbol of the holiday season and Thanksgiving day. Why not get your dog a cool roasted pig chew toy instead? Small, chewy, and fun, a toy like that can also offer a lot of happy times for your pup, and at under $3 per piece will not cost you a fortune as a replacement for older dog toys.


Outward Hound Invincibles Mini Dog Plush Dog Toy16. Outward Hound Stuffingless Mini Dog Plus Dog Toy

This Gingerbread squeaker toy from Outward Hound is not only cute, but a ton of fun for small dogs to chew on, play with, ruff and throw, and just have a great time. Simple, but cute and effective, it is one of the best Thanksgiving dog toys for your small pup.


Furry Fido Flyer for Playing Frisbee with Dogs17. Furry Fido Flyer for Playing Frisbee with Dogs

Balls are fun, but so are Frisbees. Especially when they are Furry Fido’s Flyer for playing Frisbees. Durable and safe, the Furry Fido Frisbee is made of high-quality natural rubber. It is versatile and interactive, and is also waterproof and dishwasher safe – simply put, a great gift for your furry friend.


ZippyPaws Donutz Dog Toy - Pumpkin Spice18. ZippyPaws Donutz Dog Toy – Pumpkin Spice

With its embroidered “Sprinkles” and toppings, this ZippyPaws dog toy looks exactly like a real donut. Don’t worry, though – your pup won’t be disappointed that it isn’t edible – your friend will be too busy loving to play with it thanks to the 2 squeakers and the rattle inside.


Chew King Premium Treat Dog Toy19. Chew King Large Turkey Dog Toy

Chew King has made our list of the best Thanksgiving dog toys as well, with their Premium squeaky dog toy – the Rubber Belly Turkey. Extremely chewy and highly durable at the same time, its natural rubber belly can withstand countless hours of assault and play.


ThinkPet Rubber Dog Chew Toy and Teething Toy Orange Ball20. ThinkPet Rubber Dog Chew Toy and Teething Toy Orange Ball

ThinkPet is also here with a ball dog toy. The Rubber dog chew orange ball of ThinkPet is much more than just a ball, however – it is a teething toy as well, giving your dog both a ton of hours of fun, as well as a great tool for dental hygiene.


ThinkPet Rubber Squeaky Ball Dog Toy21. ThinkPet Rubber Squeaky Ball Dog Toy

How to figure out if a toy will bring our dog a ton of fun: Is it a rubber ball? Check. Is it squeaky? Check. Is it durable? Check. Congratulations, this is a wonderful rubber dog toy that will make your pup as happy as it can possibly be.


Gourmet Peat Dog Toy22. JW Hol-ee Gourmet Dog Toy

Another turkey leg among these Thanksgiving dog toys with a different twist to it. Unlike the above-mentioned one, this isn't a treat dispensing dog toy but rather a rubber toy that's perfect for a game of fetch on a Thanksgiving day morning with your pooch. It comes in two different sizes and according to pet owners, the majority of dogs love the looks, smell, and size of these turkey leg dog toys.


ThinkPet Rubber Multifunctional Dog Chew Toy Blue Barbell23. ThinkPet Rubber Multifunctional Dog Chew Toy Blue Barbell

ThinkPet keeps sticking in on our list, this time thanks to their rubber multifunctional dog chew toy blue barbell. Great for cleaning your dog’s teeth, great for massaging its gums, and most importantly – great for hours of fun! This rubber dog chew is absolutely one of the best Thanksgiving dog toys.


Halloween Brainey Dog Toy – Pumpkin24. Brainey Dog Toy – Pumpkin

While Halloween is over, pumpkin is this month's favorite vegetable for both people and our pets. Dogs may not be as interested as us in whether a dog toy looks adorable or not, but that doesn’t make this Brainey dog toy any less awesome and cute. It is not only that, however – it is also a highly durable chew toy with a strong squeaker inside.


ThinkPet Rubber Treat Dispenser Interactive Dog Toy25. ThinkPet Rubber Treat Dispenser Interactive Dog Toy

While it's not a Thanksgiving dog toy per se, it's a perfect option for dogs on the day due to its design. It's another great rubber ball from ThinkPet, this one is not a chew toy, but a food dispenser. Ideal for dogs that eat too fast, as well as for dogs that need constant mental stimulation to keep them busy, this is an awesome option and one of the best interactive dog toys out there.


Lulubelles Power Plush Turkey Thanksgiving Dog Toy26. Lulubelles Power Plush Turkey Dog Toy

More turkeys for turkey day! This Lulubelles power plush turkey dog toy is not only adorable but is also lined with durable mesh for additional strength. It is also machine washable and drier safe and has a powerful squeaker and crinkle inside. Or in short – it’s a great dog toy gift.


Ethical Pets Gigglers Chicken Dog Toy27. Ethical Pets Gigglers Chicken Dog Toy

The Gigglers chicken dog toy is one awfully cool dog toy. It has a fun and nubby plush structure, it literally giggles as your dog plays with it, and is amazing for cuddling. And honestly, what more can a dog want from a Thanksgiving dog toy?


EETOYS Soft Bouncing Latex Squeaky Floating Toy28. EETOYS Soft Bouncing Latex Squeaky Floating Toy

EETOYS makes a second appearance on our list of the best Thanksgiving dog toys just as it was drawing to a close, thanks to their soft bouncing latex squeaky floating toy. Ideal for easily bored dogs that have destructive tendencies, this toy is exceptionally durable and squeaking fun for countless hours at a time.


Turkey Dog Toy by Midlee29. Turkey Dog Toy by Midlee

Midlee is still here too, with their turkey dog toy made out of plush in an adorable design. With captivating coloring, cute embroidered eyes, and a strong squeaker inside, this toy will make any dog awfully happy this Thanksgiving.


30. Pet Feeding Mat Washable Snuffle Blanket Simulation Maple Leaf Toy Mat

Here's a more unique and original option among these Thanksgiving dog toys – a brain-stimulating maple leaf toy mat for dogs, obviously with a fall and Thanksgiving theme to it. This is a high simulation maple leaf realistic design, vivid and attractive which can be used with your dog's favorite treats as bait and tease the dog. The manufacturer claims that it can train dogs' susceptibility to odor tracking and ability to distinguish odors.


Pumpkin Smiley Face Dog Toy by Midlee31. Pumpkin Smiley Face Dog Toy by Midlee

Midlee is finishing our list of Thanksgiving dog toys with their Pumpkin smiley face dog toy. A great chewy toy with a strong squeaker inside, this is a classical holiday fall season toy that any dog will be happy to have.

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