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A guard dog often gets a bad name, but it's the most direct line of protection available if you want to keep your home, family, or property safe.

A dog offers a natural threat of harm with intimidating growls, strong jaws, and natural defenses against their pack.

Dogs are loyal by nature, making them likely to protect what's theirs, something unfounded in most other animals.

If you're in the market for an excellent guard dog, consider the following mixed-breed pups:

Best Mixed Breed Guard Dogs: Small Breeds

Although most people don't consider small-breed dogs to be the highest defense, don't let their small size fool you.

Many small dogs are highly effective at defending their family, most being vocal and alerting their owners.

Here are some of the best small-breed dogs to consider:

1. Chihuahua Mixes

mixed breed guard dog chihuahua mixes

The Chihuahua is affectionately known as an ankle biter and for a good reason.

The Chihuahua hates new situations and can be aggressive at times.

These dogs will always let you know when danger approaches, whether standing up to animals or humans more than 100 times their size.

The Chihuahua sits at a tiny six pounds on average and doesn't tolerate cold weather well, so these mixed breeds are better suited to inside patrol.

2. Jack Russell Mixes

mixed breed guard dog jack russel mixesThese dogs aren't just adorable; they're also fabulous for home protection. Jack Russell is a proud dog that won't go quietly.

They're incredibly loyal and establish unbreakable bonds with their owners.

The dog is loud and proud, so it'll immediately alert to danger.

When adding a new family member, consider a mixed Jack Russell breed.

3. Pomeranian Mixes

mixed breed guard dog pomeranian mixes

The Pomeranian is a bold and naturally curious companion, helping you protect every inch of your home.

These dogs are known for being quite vocal, alerting owners to anything out of the ordinary.

Although these dogs may be small, their naturally assertive nature make them confident guard dog.

Best Mixed Breed Guard Dogs: Medium Breeds

Medium dogs will often weigh between 20 and 60 pounds, with an average height of eight to 27 inches.

These dogs are naturally more intimidating than the small breed dog but are better suited for families and apartment dwellers.

Here are a few breeds to consider when purchasing a mixed dog breed for protection.

4. Chinese Shar-Pei Mixes

mixed breed guard dog Shar Pei mix

Don't let the adorable wrinkles fool you; these dogs are known for being the ultimate guard dogs.

Originally bred as fighting dogs, Chinese royals used the Shar-Pei for over 2,000 years as palace protection. This breed is compact and sweet, building a strong love for their families.

They're willing to defend their home and loved ones at the first sense of danger but should always enroll in training to minimize problematic behavior.

5. Standard Schnauzer Mixes

mixed breed guard dog Schnauzer mixes

Despite the name, there is nothing standard about this breed.

Considered the best hypoallergenic guard dog, the Standard Schnauzer is ideal for anyone wanting a protection dog but struggles with allergies.

The Schnauzer is highly intelligent and full of energy. These dogs are highly trainable and love mental stimulation.

Despite remaining on the smaller side, the Standard Schnauzer can protect you and your family from outside threats.

6. Chow Chow Mixes

mixed breed guard dog chow chow mix

This breed is known for being a serious dog. Despite the dog's outward appearance, this dog is naturally one of the most protective breeds available.

These dogs are relatively tranquil and calm but always remain alert and ready to fight if provoked.

The Chow Chow keeps a distinctive mane, adding more intimidation to outside threats.

With their highly muscular body and stubborn nature, these dogs are the ultimate protection and security.

7. American Staffordshire Terrier Mixes

mixed breed guard dog terrier

Sitting as one of the best dogs for protection, the American Staffordshire Terrier is part of the Pitbull family.

Unfortunately, this family brings a lot of controversy in the United States, but it is largely unfounded.

The Pitbull is naturally loving and affectionate but can hold a protective and tenacious personality.

Due to the sheer strength of this breed, early training and enforcement are essential for success.

Best Mixed Breed Guard Dogs: Large Breeds

Large breed dogs aren't for the faint of heart, especially if you're a new pet owner. Throughout history, domesticated dogs have been used to protect owners and deter unwanted animals or people on the property.

While many animals will instinctually act as guardians, many breeds are specific to ward off unwanted intruders.

Here are a few dog breeds to consider if you'd like a large breed mix for protection:

8. Doberman Pinscher Mixes

mixed breed guard dog doberman pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher cross is a beautiful guard dog if you're looking to protect a large property.

This dog is incredibly fast, reaching an intruder in a short time.

Known for their intelligence, the Doberman Pinscher is loyal, alert, and fearless.

These dogs are best suited for families with active lifestyles and large yards due to their high energy levels.

9. Rottweiler Mixes

mixed breed guard dog rottweiler mix

While farmers initially bred the Rottweiler for cattle protection, the dog is also known for relentless defense.

This dog is exceptionally intelligent and highly loyal to its family.

Many Rottweilers are aloof with strangers unless introduced correctly in the home.

Any breed crossed with the Rottweiler will learn quickly, making them best suited for families.

10. Komondor Mixes

mixed breed guard dog komondor

Traditionally, the Komondor protected herds of sheep with a natural guard dog ability.

The breed is known for strength and dignity. This dog is exceptionally active, loyal, and courageous.

Training and socializing this dog properly is imperative, as the sheer size and instinctual protection make it a potentially dangerous combination without firm handling.

11. Puli Mixes

The Puli is brilliant and makes excellent guard dogs because of that nature. These dogs are always on guard, barking at anything ordinary.

The Puli requires constant companionship and is unsuited to outdoor protection. These dogs can be highly active, enjoying hiking, playing, and running with their family.

12. German Shepherd Mixes

mixed breed guard dog german shepherd

The German Shepherd is highly intelligent and is quick to learn commands. With their confident and fearless attitude, the German Shepherd is a favorite police dog breed.

Many German Shepherds maintain a calm demeanor but will quickly react and respond when something threatens the home or family.

13. Rhodesian Ridgeback Mixes

mixed breed guard dog rhodesian ridgeback mix

This dog originally hunted lions, with a strong prey drive that pushes independence.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is exceptionally loyal to its family, being attentive and watchful.

Despite their natural defensiveness, the Rhodesian Ridgeback loves cuddling and acting like a lapdog.

These dogs are selective in barking, so when they're doing so, take it seriously. It's essential to properly train your Rhodesian Ridgebacks early as they're not naturally obedient.

14. Bullmastiff Mixes

mixed breed guard dog Bullmastiff mix

With extreme family loyalty, a bullmastiff mix is among the best breeds.

This breed is known for its physical strength and size, giving it a distinct advantage over the other dogs mentioned.

The Bullmastiff usually uses extreme power to knock over an intruder or block their path. As a pet, the Bullmastiff is incredibly docile and makes a great household pet.

Established Mixed Breed Guard Dogs

While the above breeds are all naturally protective, sometimes it's easier to choose a mixed-breed dog.

A mixed-breed dog will often hold a mixed bag of personality traits between parents.

If you'd like an established mixed breed that embraces the guard dog personality, consider the following dogs:

15. Borsky Breed

This breed combines the Husky with a Border Collie, making a beautiful pup with unique personality traits.

The Borsky is rather clingy and can become obsessed with its owner, especially if acting as a single dog in the home.

A Borsky craves mental stimulation, requiring plenty of training or dog puzzles to keep them busy.

Also, this dog holds a high play drive, meaning you'll need to be active to keep up with the energy. This breed would be ideal for protecting women.

16. Golden Shepherd

If you're looking for a guard dog that fits within a family, consider the Golden Shepherd. This breed combines a Golden Retriever and a German Shepherd.

As expected, this dog gets the best traits from both parents. It's more protective than a Golden Retriever but is less aloof than the German Shepherd.

With the highly intelligent German Shepherd, this dog trains well and adapts to new situations.

The Golden Shepherd loves to play and gets along well with high-energy older children. They become super protective over their family, making them fabulous guard dogs.

17. German Shepherd Pit Bull

For the ultimate in intelligence and power, the German Shepherd Pit Bull is the perfect dog for you.

Both parent breeds are exceptionally intelligent, making them fast learners and highly responsive to training. You'll have no difficulty teaching them commands, either.

Despite their outward appearance, the German Shepherd Pit Bull is incredibly affectionate.

They make excellent family dogs but also happen to be highly protective. These dogs may become hostile to strangers, but early training can mitigate these issues.

mixed breed guard dog

Things to Consider Before Getting a Guard Dog

Plenty of people want a guard dog, but knowing the best way to go about it is essential for your well-being and the dog's success.

With the proper breed and training, you can have a pup willing to protect your family while remaining a beloved family pet.

Having a dog trained for protection is a fair bit of work by the owner. A dependable guard dog will require training from a young age.

Most protection training will start around six months old and take almost a year to finish. Early obedience training is critical – owners should always maintain control over their dogs.

Make sure your dog is trained in different environments, whether in the car, at home, or on the trail.

Consider What Training Requirements Your Dog Needs

There's a significant difference between an attack dog and a family guard dog. A clear list of tasks you like your dog to perform is imperative before you bring the dog home.

For example, would you like the dog to remain on alert and keep the private property safe from intruders?

Should they physically attack the intruder on the property, or will the dog alert owners by barking or growling?

Training requirements for an attack dog can significantly damage the animal, primarily if handled by inexperienced trainers.

Many inexperienced trainers resort to physical abuse or withholding primary care (like food, water, or shelter) to encourage aggressive tendencies.

Training methods that use these tactics are never beneficial to the animal. These methods are counterproductive.

Most dogs are willing to defend their family, mainly when they belong. If a dog feels hurt, threatened, or otherwise intimidated, it will likely respond out of aggression instead of skilled training.

Unfortunately, this makes the dog highly unpredictable and dangerous to be around.

Always Socialize the Dog

Any dog, whether a protection or family pet, should be socialized early on. Socialization will protect against unwanted behaviors with other animals or family members.

Your dog must recognize the difference between a threat and an ordinary situation. A trained dog will attack a threat but always stop when the attacker stops moving.

Adopting an aggressive or untrained dog from the shelter or a backyard breeder will put you in a dangerous environment.

Are Guard Dogs Family Pets?

Yes. While you've trained your guard dog to perform a specific task, they're also a family member and should be treated as such.

Make sure your pup gets plenty of time, love, and attention. Incorporate play and throwing a ball around, playing with children, or spending time relaxing at the park on a sunny afternoon.

Best Mixed Breed Guard Dogs: Conclusion

Guard dogs are vital for many people wanting extra safety or security. Many trainers can teach guard dog mannerisms (like guarding, alerting, or attacking intruders), assuming the dog has a decent personality.

Consider adopting a small breed dog that is vocal for owners who want a dog to alert them when someone enters the property.

If physical intimidation is the best tactic, large or giant breeds often add security without requiring extensive training.

When choosing the best mixed breed guard dog, always look for a dog with personality traits matching your needs instead of the benchmark you believe you need to have.

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