Dee for Dog Allows You to Get to Know Your Pet

Dee is an activity tracker for dogs that is unlike any other monitor on the market. It is set to hit the dog product market later this year. Dee monitors your pet’s activity, tracks your pet with GPS location, and also offers a unique social application for both dogs and their owners.

With Dee, dog owners are able to not only figure out what their dogs are up to but also understand why they are doing it. A Dee monitor doesn’t just track your dog’s activity, record the data, and compile the statistics for you like other similar products on the market. Dee also offers applications and services based on the data that it collects to help you truly understand what the charts and numbers mean.

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The company has also outdone other canine GPS devices with its community-based location services. Dee collars communicate with an app that gives feedback to the owner. Through the platform of this app, a localized community is formed that will actually assist in finding a lost dog without the user having to do anything.

If any smartphone with the app installed or any Dee beacon station is close to the missing dog, the owner will receive a notification with detailed location information on their dog’s whereabouts. The service can also act as a location history tracker to help dog owners monitor their dog walkers and make sure they are doing their job properly.

Dee For Dog tracker

Dee also acts as a live-action social network. In order to help owners establish connections with one another, the uniquely designed app will automatically detect nearby users and add the connection to each dog owner’s timeline. From there, the owners can get access to each other’s social networking pages.

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As if all of that wasn’t enough, users of Dee also have access to information on nearby service providers in order to help them take the best care of their pets possible. No matter where they are located, dog owners will have the ability to search for nearby canine service providers that meet their requirements.

Dee uses a mobile app for dog owners, a wearable monitor for dogs, and a service interface for pet service providers to form an intelligent and interactive platform that allows dog owners to care for their dogs in ways that were never possible before. Although it hasn’t hit stores yet, anyone who is interested can pre-order on the company’s website.

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