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5 Easy DIY Dog Costume Ideas

It's the last week of September, and that means that Halloween is just a month away. If you're a dog owner, you're probably contemplating dressing your pup in a costume. Whether you're taking your dog out and about or staying in to hand out candy, these easy DIY dog costume ideas will have your pup looking festive!

Halloween can be a dangerous time for dogs and their owners. You need to be sure to keep your pet safe, but there are plenty of ways that the two of you can celebrate together. Costumes can be one of the biggest canine Halloween hazards, so you need to be very careful when selecting the right outfit for your pet.

Costumes that are too tight can restrict your dog's movement or cause chaffing and irritate his skin. Costumes that are too loose may cause tripping or provide the risk of becoming tangled around your dog's neck or one of his legs. This could cause serious injury.

Canine costumes can get pricey. Most costumes sell for $20-$50 on average. If you're looking to save a little bit of money, you can try one of these easy DIY dog costume ideas. They're affordable on any budget, and you can put them together in just a matter of minutes.

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5 Easy DIY Dog Costume Ideas

DIY Dog Costume Ideas1. TY Beanie Baby

You can easily turn your dog into a life-size Beanie Baby by making a quick DIY tag to attach to his collar. As you can see in my video guide above, I made a TY tag for my Labrador with some craft paper and glue. It only took me about 5 minutes to make the tag, and you can secure it to your pet's collar with a few pieces of tape.

2. Ballerina

A dollar store tutu and some cheap accessories can turn your pup into a ballerina. You could use a tiara, some beaded necklaces or put glittery scrunchies around your dog's paws for some extra flare.

3. Angel, Devil or Unicorn

Headbands are one of the easiest DIY dog costume ideas. You can find headbands that will make your pup look like an angel, devil or even a unicorn. You could even use a plain headband and make your own decorations out of tinfoil and some craft paint. For example, you could use tinfoil to make alien antenna on a headband and paint them green to make your dog an out-of-this-world costume!

4. Superhero

Turning your dog into a superhero for Halloween is as easy as buying a cape. You could even make your own cape if you're savvy with a sewing machine. I actually borrowed the cape in the photo above from my 9-year-old daughter's dress up box.

5. Mummy

You can buy a couple of rolls of first-aid gauze at any pharmacy or grocery store. Wrap your pooch up in gauze to turn him into a mummy for Halloween. You could even add a little bit of red food coloring or ketchup to the gauze for a scarier effect.

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