14 Dog Health and Wellness Apps for Pet Owners

The health and wellness of dogs are the chief concerns of most owners. With genetic predispositions plaguing a lot of breeds, as well as with the overall active and careless attitude of our adventurous canine companions, the potential for contracting diseases and getting injured is always there.

While we can never take care of every eventuality and prevent every possible health related problem in dogs, modern technology has managed to help dog owners a lot. In particular, there's a number of smartphone apps that help dogs and owners, including taking care of our pets’ health, exercise and overall wellness. Here are 14 apps that I found to be very useful, and I think they are helpful for keeping your dog healthy.

Apps for Maintaining Your Dog’s Wellness

1. Dog Buddy Free

This app is a virtual diary for your dog. With it you can track your pooch’s weight, medications, milestones, vaccinations, vet visits, allergies, and anything else you would need to know about your dog. With this app you won’t have to remember anything and you won’t have to keep any unnecessary pieces of paper around. The next time you’re at your vet, just open the app and you’ll have an easy access to your dog’s health information.


This app is free and is very useful if you live in an area where natural disasters are not a rare occurrence. The app allows you to store your dog’s medical records so that you can also have them at your disposal. It also offers a great access to guides on what to do for your pet before, during, and after a natural disaster. It also requires no internet connection.

3. Pet Care Services

Gauvin says this app (iPhone, free) is a must-have if you travel with your pet. Using GPS, it will locate the nearest vet clinics, pet-friendly hotels, groomers and pet stores across Canada and the U.S. Phone or email nearby emergency clinics, and view directions using Google maps.

4. Pet Master Pro

This is another great app for storing your pet’s medical information. Pet Master Pro app (iPhone, free; Android, $4.99) can manage all of your pet’s information like vaccinations, identification numbers, medications, insurance details, weight history and more. Regardless of where you and your pet are, you will always have all of your dog’s medical info in your pocket, ready to show it to any veterinarian. The information needs to first be entered into the app, but once that’s done, the rest is easy.

5. Pet Phone

This app lets you track your dog’s health with ease. You can use it for anything – for keeping track of vet appointments, allergies, medications and food preferences for multiple dogs at once. Plus, the app can be synced with your calendar to get reminders.

Apps for Taking Care of Your Dog’s Health

Apps for Taking Care of Your Dog’s Health

6. askPETMD

PetMD is a famous website that offers endless articles and resources on all things related to pets’ health. If you use PetMD’s app as well, you will have access to all of this information and the opportunity to ask questions about your dog’s health and receive a free vet qualified answer within 24 hours.

7. PupTox

PupTox (Android, $0.99; iPhone, $0.99) is an app that lists more than 250 items that can harm or kill your pet if ingested. This includes food, plants, chemicals, and common hazards such as coins, batteries and bones. Lastly, the app provides one-click phone access to poison hotlines.

8. Vet On Demand

This app is a “tele-health” app for dog owners. With it, you can arrange real-time video consultations with vet specialists to help you assess the severity of symptoms your pet is experiencing and to give you an adequate advice on what to do. While such an app is no substitute for a live visit to a veterinarian, it is perfect for when you are not sure whether you should make the trip to the vet or not.

9. Pet First Aid American Red Cross

Knowing how to give first aid to your dog is important for any dog owner, but it can be more complicated than with a human. With this app you can check symptoms and watch videos to respond to common emergency situations. You can learn the first aid steps, you can inform yourself about early warning signs, as well as take quizzes on pet health and safety. Additionally, in more serious situations, the app can also locate the nearest emergency animal hospitals and allow you to set up a vet appointment.

10. PetCoach

With PetCoach you can talk to real, licensed vets and trainers for free, every day of the week. You can use the app to consult in emergencies, to ask about symptoms, or even find advices on nutrition. The app also allows you to schedule appointments with vets and pet specialists.

11. Petoxins

Much like PupTox, the Petoxins app from the ASPCA helps you by giving you an extensive list of poisonous plants and ingredients that you need to keep your dog away from. This app is great for dog owners that have recently relocated and are unfamiliar with the new local flora.

Apps for Satisfying Your Dog’s Exercise Needs

Dog health and training apps

12. P5 Dog Training

The P5 Dog Training app is perfect for dog owners that want to keep their dog in a great physical shape. You can create a profile of your dog in the app and set various fitness and training goals for your dog. You can track your dog’s progress in areas like strength, agility, tricks and obedience. The app also provides guides for training your pup so that you have all the necessary information.

13-14. iClicker or Dog Clicker Training

Clicker training is a great way to train your dog through conditioning and setting up a positive & negative reinforcement feedback. This app offers detailed tutorials, but the main idea is that it will play special sounds (for example: toy squeaks or door bells) to reinforce certain types of behaviors. Like any form of dog training, this takes practice and discipline, but in conjunction with treats, clicker apps are a great way to keep your dog in an optimum physical shape.

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