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Choosing perfect dog products is never easy, so we're here to help! Find guides and videos of dog supplies reviews, official testing and rankings of the best dog toys, best dog brush, best dog leash, best dog harness, best dog toothpaste, best dog flea solutions and so forth.
Dog Hiking Gear Must-Haves - What You Need When Hiking with Dogs

Dog Hiking Gear Must-Haves: What You Need When Hiking with Dogs

So you’ve decided to take your dog out for a journey in the great outdoors. There’s a three-day weekend coming up and the weather...
Toys for Puppies

Buying Appropriate Dog Toys for Puppies: What Pet Owners Must Know

One of the most enjoyable things to do once you get a new puppy is to go toy shopping for the new little furry...
Importance of No-Pull Dog Harnesses and No-Pull Dog Collars

How No-Pull Dog Harnesses and Collars Help with Dog Leash Pulling

It's very common for dogs to pull on their leashes when owners walking them. Dog leash pulling is one of the main issues first-time...
DIY Dog Bed Project - Ideas from Around the Internet

7 DIY Dog Bed Project Ideas and Guides

From Pomeranian princess to burly Bulldogs, one thing all dogs have in common is a need to snooze. Some of them do it stretched...
Supermarket Dog Supplies You Should Be Buying for Your Dog

6 Essential Supermarket Dog Supplies All New Pet Owners Need

There are very few things more exciting and worthy of celebration than the addition of a new dog to the family. When you add...
Service Dog Gear Must-Haves - What's The Most Important for Owners

Service Dog Gear Must-Haves: What’s Most Important for Owners?

Pet owners can often be heard exclaiming, “I couldn’t live without my dog.” Indeed, many of us could not imagine life without our animals....
save money on dog grooming

48 Ways to Save Money on Dog Grooming, Training & Supplies

Research shows that the average American dog owner spends $100 per month on their dog, and pet ownership in the US continues to rise....
Best puppy toys for dogs that chew hard

Top 25 Best Puppy Toys for Dogs that Chew A Lot

The best strategy to keep a dog occupied has always been to entice your pooch with some of the best puppy toys for dogs that chew as...
Dog Identification Tags How to Buy Dog ID Tags

Dog Identification Tags: A Dog Owner’s Buying Guide

A lost dog can happen to anyone. No matter how careful you are, it can only take a moment for your beloved buddy to...
Online Dog Supplies Retailers With Best Deals and Discounts Until 2016's End

12 Online Dog Supplies Retailers With Best Deals and Discounts Until 2016’s End

Want to take advantage of the best deals and discounts on dog supplies? Now’s the perfect time of year to get your dog’s favorite...
Most Unsafe Dog Toys for Puppies

3 Types of Most Unsafe Dog Toys for Puppies

We all want the absolute best for our puppies and love to pamper them with good food, exercise and their favorite toys. Most of...
preventing fleas on dogs

Most Important Steps for Preventing Fleas on Dogs

Fleas are not just a nuisance to dogs and their owners, they also pose a significant health problem. Fleas carry a wide range of...