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Hugs Pet Products Partners with Paula Deen

Hugs Pet Products Partners with Paula Deen
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Paula Deen is known best for her cooking and many people have followed the less-than-stellar media attention that has surrounded her off and on for the last couple of years. Now the celebrity chef and cooking show host is lending her famous face and her cooking skills to Hugs Pet Products to create a new line of pet food, treats, and accessories.

Hugs Pet Products is a family-owned business that markets unique new pet products to distributors all over the world. Katie Brewer grew up surrounded by pets and now raises many different animals with the help of her husband and children.

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In 2009 she wanted to find a way to give back to the pets that had showered her with so much love for so many years. Already a perceptive business woman, she realized how quickly the market for pet products was growing and decided to form a new division of her existing company, Maze Innovations, Inc.

Hugs Pet Products Partners with Paula Deen
Photo: petproductnews.com

The new branch, Hugs Pet Products, is all about the newest innovations in pet products, and Brewer wanted to make sure that it was unlike any other pet company in the world. The company’s goal is to provide pet owners with products that they can’t believe they were ever able to live without.

Hugs Pet Products, which is based out of Montreal, Missouri, teamed up with the television host earlier this year to create and launch a Paula Deen-branded line of pet products and pet food.

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Hugs also sells bowls, apparel, dog cots, pet health products, dog houses, leashes, and their popular Chillz line of pet cooling products.

Deen said that pet products are a market that she has been hoping to get into for quite a while. She says that she is an avid animal lover and wants to share her love of animals with pet owners around the world. She also knows that many of her fans are pet lovers as well and she has been asked many times to produce a line of products for animals.

The celebrity chef has also created numerous recipes for homemade dog treats and shared them on her television show. She was on hand at the Hugs Pet Products booth at the Global Pet Expo last month to talk to fans and answer questions about her new line of products for cats and dogs.

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