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100 New Year’s Resolutions for Dog Owners

Top New Year’s Resolutions Ideas for Dog Owners

Looking for a New Year’s resolution for the upcoming year? If you’re a dog owner, we have a few great suggestions! These new year’s resolutions will not only make you a better person, but they’ll improve your relationship with your beloved pup as well!

It's that time of year again. When holiday season rolls around, many people begin to think about upcoming resolutions that they will make to try and make the New Year better than the last. If you're thinking of ways to become a better dog owner in the coming year, some of these resolutions may be good ones for you to make.

Think about the things that you already do with your dog. Are you active? Do you spend a lot of time together? Now, think about what would make your dog happier. Do you think he'd enjoy picking up a sport or spending more time snuggling with you? Chances are, if something makes your dog happier, it'll make you happier too!

Choose a resolution that will benefit you and your dog. For example, if you vow to take Fido for more walks, you're going to get more exercise too! Maybe you live a busy lifestyle and you're always running around. Resolving to spend more time relaxing and hanging out with your dog will be better for you both!

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100 New Year’s Resolutions Ideas for Dog Owners

New Year’s Resolutions Ideas for Dog Owners

1. Walk twice a day EVERY day. Improve your health and your dog’s health with regular daily walks.

2. Stop feeding your dog table scraps. Table scraps are unhealthy and can even cause health problems like pancreatitis and obesity.

3. Take more photos of your dog!

4. Keep up a regular grooming schedule to keep your dog’s coat healthy and to build a stronger bond together.

5. Rub down your pet daily. Running your fingers over their body is calming and improves your bond with your dog, but it also checks for any lumps, bumps, or unusual spots on their body.

6. Wash your dog’s bedding more regularly. Clean bedding isn’t only nicer for your dog, but it is much better for their health.

7. Research age appropriate supplements to better your dog’s health and aging process.

8. Invest in insurance for your dog. Unexpected vet expenses are par for the course, but you can provide your dog with better health by investing in pet insurance.

9. Microchip your dog if you haven’t already!

10. Don’t get mad at your dog! When your dog fails it’s your failure not theirs, so if you’re going to get mad at someone, get mad at yourself.

11. If you’re a smoker, stop smoking around your dog! Cigarette smoke is just as bad for your dog as it is for you.

12. Play more! Incorporate at least one hour of play with your dog into your day for you and your dog’s improved mental health.

13. Explore new surroundings with your dog. New scents, sights, and sounds are exciting for both you and your dog!

14. Spay or neuter your dog if they are not already fixed. Spaying and neutering aren't just good for the homeless pet population, but it also lowers or eliminates the likelihood of certain diseases.

15. Find out if you can take your dog to work so that you can spend more time together and they can spend less time alone.

16. Check your dog’s tags and make sure that their information is up to date should they go missing.

17. Provide your dog with more mentally stimulating toys so they don’t feel as bored when they’re left home alone.

18. Resolve to measure your dog’s food EVERY time you feed them to keep their weight on track.

19. Research your dog’s food to make sure that you are giving them the best nutrition possible on your budget.

20. Brush your dog’s teeth daily! Better dental health means better full body health.

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21. Trim your dog’s nails regularly! Overgrown nails are painful and difficult to walk on.

22. Make a bucket list for your senior dog and give them new experiences to enjoy during their last months or years.

23. Plan regular vet visits and stick to them to ensure your dog’s ongoing health.

24. Regularly check your dog’s collar fit to avoid it becoming too tight or too lose. You should be able to fit two fingers between your dog’s neck and their collar.

25. Teach your dog a new trick once a week! This is stimulating for your dog and it teaches them better manners.

26. Consider fostering a dog without a home. This makes adjusting to family life easier for a foster dog, teaches your dog about how to interact with other dogs, and lets you do something good for the community!

27. Don’t get lazy! When it’s time to take your dog out for a walk, don’t be lazy and skip it. Your dog doesn’t ask you for much and a short walk takes little out of your day.

28. Try making homemade dog treats for your dog. This way you know exactly what’s going into your dog’s treats!

29. Learn how to give your dog a massage and do it frequently.

30. Set aside money for a once weekly trip to doggy daycare to give your dog some time with other dogs!

31. Put together a fully stocked emergency first aid kit for your dog. Do this every year to restock your kit and replace any expired items.

32. Keep up to date with your dog’s flea, tick and heartworm preventatives EVERY month.

33. Pick one day a week and head to the drive-thru with your dog for an ice cream cone or plain hamburger!

34. Take a dog-friendly vacation this year!

35. Help your dog to tackle a fear and overcome it to provide them a happier life.

36. Invest in biodegradable pet waste bags to do your part for the environment.

37. Feed your dog fewer treats or at least healthier treats! Dog treats are loaded with calories and contribute significantly to weight gain.

38. Bathe your dog LESS! Overbathing dries out their skin and causes itchiness. Most dogs do well with just two baths a year.

39. Get certified in pet CPR and first aid.

40. Set up play dates between your dog and a friend’s. We all need a friend sometimes!

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41. Look into competitive activities for your dog if they have the drive and you have the time. Things like agility, search and rescue training, and dock diving are all great choices!

42. Plan ahead for your senior dog’s final arrangements by talking to your vet and noting your vet records with your decision. The last thing you want to do on the day you lose your pup is to have to make final decisions like this.

43. If your county requires a dog license make sure that your dog has one and it’s kept up to date.

44. Take your dog out to a dog-friendly place once a week to allow them to socialize and reduce their chance of developing anxiety in public.

45. Look into fencing your yard!

46. Talk to your vet about titers in lieu of vaccinations to reduce unnecessary vaccination of your dog.

47. Consider holistic veterinary treatments for your dog’s health conditions that have not been controlled with traditional vet care.

48. Try something new! New activities will broaden your dog’s skillset and provide new stimulation.

49. Arrange a spa day for your dog with a local pet spa!

50. Vow not to rush your dog when you take them to the bathroom. Just like you, your dog deserves the time they need to do their duty.

51. Tell your dog that you love them (and show it) daily!

52. Be more safety conscious and invest in a safety harness, dog car seat, or seatbelt for your dog to keep them safe when traveling.

53. Stop getting frustrated with your older dog for “taking too long”, “being too slow”, or showing signs of cognitive dysfunction. You will be old too one day.

New Year’s Resolutions Ideas for Dog Owners54. Vow not to leave your dog outdoors alone. Stay out and play with your pup or bring them inside with you.

55. Schedule a professional dental cleaning for your dog. Healthy teeth make a happier and healthier dog.

56. Let your dog sleep with you more, it’s good for you both!

57. Take leisurely walks! Don’t just rush through walks, give your pup time to sniff and explore.

58. Throw your dog a birthday party!

59. Stop bringing work home. Leave work at work and spend family time with your family and your dog!

60. Live in the now. Stop worrying about tomorrow or yesterday, live for today and enjoy it! A happier you means a happier dog!

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61. Read to your dog. Bedtime stories are an opportunity for your dog to receive coveted one-on-one attention. Bedtime stories are also a soothing technique for dogs with canine cognitive dysfunction.

62. If your dog asks you to play, play! Don’t give excuses because you’re watching TV or hanging out on social media sites.

63. Read a book on the canine mind to get a better understanding of why your dog does what they do.

64. Go through your dog’s toys twice a year and throw out the old damaged toys, wash the dirty, and donate the unwanted to charity.

65. Make an updated emergency contact list for your dog and keep it on the fridge, just in case. Include your vet’s number, emergency vet’s number, the pet poison hotline number, and any other emergency contacts.

New Year’s Resolutions Ideas for Dog Owners66. Be more positive in your training techniques, you catch more flies with honey…

67. Upgrade your dog’s next boarding stay to a luxury suite.

68. Replace your dog’s food and water bowls with stainless steel bowls. They’re healthier and less likely to promote bacteria growth.

69. Invest in a true HEPA filter to keep the air in your home healthier for you and your dog.

70. Wash your dog’s food and water bowls EVERY time you fill them.

71. Stop making your dog feel uncomfortable for your own amusement. E.g. If your dog doesn’t like dressing up for Halloween, don’t force them to!

72. Always kiss your dog goodnight!

73. Set your dog’s food to auto-delivery so they never run out of food again!

74. LISTEN to your dog more. He may not speak, but your dog’s body language can tell you a lot about how he’s feeling, and what he needs.

75. Invite your neighbor’s dog on your next walk. It’s fun for your dog to explore with friends!

76. Be more conscious of weather conditions. E.G. Is the sidewalk too hot to walk on in the summer? Are your dog’s feet protected from ice in the winter?

77. Diversify your dog’s toy portfolio! Instead of all chew toys or all plush toys, try mixing it up to include variety to stimulate your dog’s brain.

78. Take your dog to pick out a toy that they want from the pet store.

79. Talk to your dog more. Talking to your dog involves them in your day and gives them a better sense of companionship.

80. Maintain a preventative care schedule for your dog’s ears to avoid ear infections.

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81. Stop taking part in reckless or stupid behavior, your dog relies on you to care for them and anything that risks your health risks their happiness.

82. Go out with friends less and spend a little more time at home with your dog instead.

83. Subscribe to a dog magazine to stay on top of current trends and research pertinent to your dog’s life.

84. Repair your dog’s favorite but haggard toy, some things can’t be replaced.

85. Bake your dog a birthday cake. If you’re not a baker, buy a dog-safe cake instead!

86. Try your hand at home cooking or raw feeding both of which are healthier alternatives to kibble for most dogs.

87. Get a DNA test kit for your mixed breed pup. Knowing their genetic makeup can help you to address breed-specific health concerns and optimize their diet.

88. Stop making your dog “hold it”. Forcing your dog to wait to go to the bathroom can cause urinary infections and discomfort.

89. Hire a dog walker. If your dog is crated while you’re at work, hire a dog walker to come by and walk them at least once a day to let them stretch their legs.

90. Track pet food and treat recalls regularly to keep your pet healthy.

91. Find out if your pet food company of choice has taken the pledge to be completely transparent about the quality and origin of their foods.

92. Go to the beach! Let your dog experience sand, sea, and sun if they haven’t already.

New Year’s Resolutions Ideas for Dog Owners93. Switch to medium sized raw marrow bones (think lamb not beef) and throw out those other bones that are chemical laden and unsafe for teeth.

94. Raise your dog’s bed off the ground. It gets drafty when your bed is on the floor so consider a raised cot bed for the colder months.

95. Help your dog to get a better grip on hardwood floors by putting down rugs or investing in gripper socks or indoor/outdoor mesh shoes for your dog.

96. Ensure that your last will and testament is up to date and provides for your dog’s care should something happen to you.

97. Teach your dog some indoor games to keep them stimulated on rainy or snowy days when they’re stuck inside.

98. Take your dog to a pet bakery and buy them a freshly baked dog treat!

99. If you have children, make more of an effort to teach your children how to interact and how not to interact with your dog.

100. If your dog is well behaved in public, head to a dog-friendly eatery with an outside patio and have dinner with your dog!

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