If you are a real Christmas fan then you surely enjoy wearing the traditional ugly Christmas sweaters. Many of us are even invited to (or throw your own) ugly Christmas sweater party around the holidays. Wouldn't it be great to get Fido in on the fun? The best ugly Christmas sweater for dogs will definitely attract attention to your pup!

The Best Ugly Christmas Sweater for Dogs ChoicesThese sweaters really become popular in the 1980's, while they first appeared back in the 1950's. However, their popularity quickly faded and they were deemed silly and ugly.

But, fashion is cyclical. The ugly Christmas sweater has made its comeback in the past decade. While some people love to wear these sweaters ironically, others really enjoy them earnestly. Whatever the case is with you, if you are a dog owner, there is no reason for you to not include your pooch in this innocent, holiday fun by buying him an ugly Christmas sweater for dogs.

To illustrate just how popular they have become, since 2011, every third Friday in December, people are celebrating National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. So, if you want to participate in these festivities and you want your dog to be the heart of the party as well, you should think about buying this type of sweater for your dog.

The best ugly Christmas sweater for dogs will make your pet look silly and funny, and it will also keep him warm during the winter. To help you find the best choice for your dog, I have made a short list of some of the most interesting dog sweaters I could find.

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Best Ugly Christmas Sweater for Dogs Choices

best ugly Christmas sweater for dogs

1. Elf Dog Sweater

The Elf Dog Sweater will make your pooch look like a real Santa’s little helper and if you ever wanted to have an elf in your house. This ugly Christmas sweater for dogs is perfect for you. Elf Dog Sweater is perfectly comfortable for your dog because it slips on and off quite easily and you can get it in almost any size.

There are even seasonal bells included on this sweater to make it even more elf-like, so I hope that you don’t mind listening to these bells for the entire duration of Christmas. As far as the material from which it is made from goes, it is 100% acrylic, except for the decorations. This sweater should be only used for a few hours at a time and you should wash it in cold water and leave it to dry out on its own.


2. Ugly Sweater with Xmas Tree

Getting an ugly Christmas sweater for dogs is always a good idea, and this one fits the bill perfectly since it has such a goofy Christmas tree placed on a silly red and white pattern. This sweater is made from Argyle and you can surprise your dog regardless of the breed since it comes in various sizes.

For example, if you have a Boston terrier, you should go with the medium size, but if you have a golden retriever, you should choose 2X. Whatever size you need, The Sweater with Xmas Tree will fit your dog perfectly and won’t make him uncomfortable.

Christmas Tree Dog Hoodie

3. Christmas Tree Dog Hoodie

What’s cuter than a dog in a hoodie? A dog in a Christmas Tree Dog Hoodie, of course. This amazingly awesome sweater is made of green knit with rickrack and has Christmas light trimmings that are made of felt. It is a pullover-style sweater that is great for easy dressing, and it is pretty warm as well so you can take your dog out for a walk even in the coldest weather.

And, if having a dog in a hoodie is not enough, on top of the hoodie there is a star that lights up when you press the designated button. Now you can take a walk with your dog at night without having to bring a flashlight.

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New York Dog Ugly Holiday Sweater for Pets, Black Snowman, Large 4. Ugly Christmas Sweater with a Reindeer

If you want to be sure that everybody recognizes that your dog is wearing an ugly Christmas sweater and not think that he is just wearing any ugly sweater, having a reindeer embroidered on the sweater will certainly help.

This sweater with green stripes is so flashy that it also has jingle bells on it, as well as funny white pom-pom pieces all over it. The color of the Ugly Christmas Sweater with a Reindeer really catches the attention and your dog will certainly be noticed anywhere he goes. This sweater is available in all sizes, so you can certainly find one that will fit your dog regardless of his breed. It is a simple pull-on sweater that is both warm and comfortable.

Santa Hoodie Dog Costume

5. Santa Hoodie Dog Costume

Here comes another hoodie, and it is possibly even more adorable than the previously mentioned Christmas tree dog hoodie. This time, your dog can be Santa Claus! This amazing Santa Claus suit is a bit different than any other ugly Christmas sweater for dogs, since it is not actually a sweater, but it definitely deserves a spot on this list.

The hoodie is actually made into the Santa’s hat and the costume itself is really stylish and good-looking. The Santa Hoodie Dog Costume is also very comfortable and warm since it is made completely from polyester, except for decorations and Velcro straps. The black and gold belt really makes the costume stand out among other similar dog sweaters and costumes. You can find this costume in all sizes.


6. Ugly Christmas Sweater – Snowflake Style

This funny-looking dog sweater is made of warm and very soft acrylic and it comes in four different sizes which can accommodate most dog breeds. This sweater is very thick since it is double-knitted, which makes it a great choice if you want to make sure that your dog is warm at all times. The Ugly Christmas Sweater – Snowflake Style is machine washable with items of similar color, so you won’t have to wash it by hand.

This ugly Christmas sweater is designed with a snowflake pattern, and even though there are some small reindeers and “Merry Christmas” message incorporated as well, it is not as silly and ridiculous as some other Christmas sweaters, which means that your dog can wear it during the entire winter without seeming silly. Well, extra silly.

Birthday Boy Dog Sweater

7. Birthday Boy Dog Sweater

Yes, the birthday boy is Jesus Christ and this amazing sweater is so funny and full of details. For example, while your dog wears this sweater with the image of a Jesus Christ, the Jesus himself is wearing a T-shirt that says “Birthday Boy”. He also has a balloon in one hand and a birthday hat on. The best thing about this sweater? There is the same sweater available for humans, so you and your pooch can show up at a Christmas party dressed in the matching clothes.

This sweater is made of 100% premium acrylic fabric and it is available in many sizes which will suit almost any breed, from small lap dogs to really big dogs. It is machine washable, and the Birthday Boy Dog Sweater is designed in a way that will keep your dog free to urinate and not hit the sweater.

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8. Ugly Christmas Sweater with a Snowman and Dog

This is a very colorful sweater since it has blue, white and red stripes on which there are randomly scattered yellow snowflakes. However, this ugly Christmas sweater for dogs is just the background basically, since there is a textured snowman on it as well. The snowman also has three adorable little buttons that are blue, red and green.

The last detail – there is a dog as well, urinating on the poor snowman. The Ugly Christmas Sweater with a Snowman and Dog truly is a colorful and funny sweater that will get your pooch noticed in an instant. This high-quality sweater is actually a pull-on sweater, so you won’t have any trouble to put it on your dog. It is also very warm and comfortable as well.

Santa's Reindeer Dog Hoodie

9. Santa's Reindeer Dog Hoodie

You always wanted to have a reindeer as a pet but you live in a small apartment? No problem. This awesome hoodie for dogs will turn your dog into a reindeer before you can say Merry Christmas. The sweater is almost entirely brown, of course, and the hoodie comes with some pretty wild-looking antlers. And let’s not forget the cute reindeer ears as well.

The Santa's Reindeer Dog Hoodie comes with a leash port for convenience and is a great way to keep your pooch warm on cold winter days while also having a bit of a laugh on the side. You can choose the size of the sweater that will fit your dog perfectly.


10. Ugly Christmas Sweater Gingerbread Man

If you want your dog to feel like a part of the family on Christmas, don’t exclude him from wearing an ugly Christmas sweater for dogs. This sweater will make your dog the life of any Christmas party since it has a really funny Gingerbread Man pattern that will make everyone laugh. The Gingerbread Man is wearing his Christmas hat and is already left without his arms and legs.

Just tell your friends that your pooch was too hungry and couldn’t resist. The Ugly Christmas Sweater Gingerbread Man comes in five different sizes, which means that you can find the one that fits your dog perfectly. Be sure to measure your dog correctly if you want him to feel comfortable in his ugly Christmas sweater. He will also feel warm, that’s for sure.

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