Akita breed price

The Akita dog is one of the most popular canine breeds in the world today.

And you might assume this is why the Akita breed price is hella expensive.

But the real deal is there are actually a few things to consider (and understand) why this fluffy pup is pricey.

Can this brave and loyal pooch drain your savings?

Well, for the love of dogs, we compiled all the vital information for an aspiring Akita parent like you.

So, read on to learn more about the following:

  • Mixed Akita breed price
  • Factors affecting Akita breed price
  • Akita breed price from breeders and shelters
  • Cost of basic Akita dog supplies and health care
  • And a lot more!

Japanese Akita breed price

Akita Breed Price: How Much Is It?

The Akita breed price ranges from $1,000 to $3,000 depending on the breeder or the dog’s lineage, quality, and record.

Meanwhile, Akita puppies cost around $600 to $1,900, especially from reputable breeders.

And since Akita dogs are one of the most popular canines in the world, prices can go even higher.

American Vs. Japanese Akita

The Akita breed price also differs depending on the variety — American and Japanese.

Currently, the Japanese Akita variety (or the Akita Inu) is usually priced higher than the American Akita, which is not lower than $3,000.

That’s because the Japanese government restricts exporting Akita dogs to other countries in order to preserve the gene.

This makes the purebred Japanese Akita a rare gem.

Meanwhile, the American Akita costs around $600 to $1,600.

And for champion-blooded pups or Akita parents that earned an AKC championship title or other competitions, prices can go as high as $4,000.

Mixed Akita Breed Price

Samkita (Akita and Samoyed Mix) $600 – $3,000
Huskita (Akita and Husky Mix) $750 – $1,000
Akita Shepherd (Akita and German Shepherd Mix) $250 – $750
Akita Pit (Akita and American Pitbull Mix) More or less $1,000
Chakita (Akita and Chow Chow Mix) $2,000 – $3,000
Labrakita (Akita and Labrador Mix) $500 – $1,500
Akita Rottie (Akita and Rottweiler Mix) $700 – $2,000
Akita Shepherd Corgi Mix $500 – $1,000
Akita Border Collie Mix $600 – $1,200
Akita Belgian Malinois Mix More or less $600

Akita Breed Price From A Breeder

Akita puppies can cost from $600 to $1,900 depending on the following factors:

  • Bloodline
  • Purebred or mixed
  • Health and medical record
  • Pedigree and registration papers

Note: It’s best to buy your Akita puppies from reputable people than puppy mills or backyard breeders.

This is to ensure the standards of breeding are strictly implemented.

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Akita Breed Price From A Rescue Shelter

Of course, adopting is another great option for you to try, especially giving the opportunity for dogs to finally have a forever home.

That being said, adoption fees for an Akita dog range between $75 to $400.

This fee depends on the age of the Akita and your location, too.

Note: Take precautions when adopting an Akita dog from a shelter.

That’s because the Akita breed is known for its aggression towards strangers.

So, it’s best to get to know the dog’s history, including its previous owners.

American Akita Breed Price

Factors Affecting the Akita Breed Price

Yup, it’s not the breed's popularity alone but a whole bunch of other things that make the Akita dog really expensive.

So, here’s a list of factors that affect the Akita breed price:

1. Strain

The Akita breed price does not rely on what you see on the internet, but this canine costs depending on their 3 strains, namely:

American Akita Cheapest among other strains
Russian Akita Cheaper than the purebred Japanese strain
Purebred Japanese Akita Most expensive of all Akita strains

2. Bloodline and Standard Breeder

Champion bloodlines or pups with Akita parents that hold titles and awards from competitions are priced higher than the average Akita breed.

The Akita breed price also depends on reputable or professional breeders, which strictly follow the standards of canine breeding.

Plus, trustworthy breeders invest more time, resources, and knowledge in producing the best canine offspring.

3. Registration Documents

Akita dogs with complete registration documents are priced higher. 

And when purebred ones are recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and other canine organizations, the higher the Akita breed price becomes.

4. Medical Records and Screening

In most cases, professional breeders complete the necessary health requirements before putting the pups on sale.

And the Akita breed price can go higher, especially when pups already have the following:

5. Age

When it comes to age, you might think:

Of course, adult Akita dogs are pricier than puppies.”

Well, considering all the expenses from the dog’s early life to adulthood, you can be right.

But the canine market takes a different route, though.

And this isn’t even a secret, just so you know.

The catch: Most pet owners want a puppy. 

Plus, older Akita dogs are known to have aggressive tendencies, too.

So, that’s a big demand for Akita puppies.

And because of that, the 6-month-old (or younger) Akita breed price is the most expensive.

6. Gender

The Akita breed price also depends on the gender of the dog, with the males costing higher than females.

That’s mainly because of owner preferences, which are the following:

  • Stronger
  • Larger in build
  • More muscular in stance

Male Akita dogs usually cost $100 to $200 more on top of the base price.

7. Coat Color and Markings

Typically, the Akita breed price is higher for those with gray, white, and brown coat colors.

However, the AKC has set out a color standard for Akita dogs, which can be any hue.

This includes white, pinto, and brindle.

Note: The Akita color trend changes from time to time. So, prices according to coat color can change, too.

Akita Breed Price: Cost of Ownership

Of course, you can adopt an Akita while on a budget. 

But to guide you on what other costs owning an Akita entails, here’s a quick overview for you to take note of:

Mandatory Dog Requirements

Collar and ID Tag (Law on Control of Dogs Order 1992) $15-30
Microchip* $15-45
Spay/Neuter $75-$400

*Not mandated in other countries or all states in the US but is encouraged.

Basic Dog Supplies

Bed or Cage $30-$70
Carrier $70 or higher
Food and Water Bowls $10-$40
Toys $30-$60
Litter Box $15-$50
Food $20-$40 per month
Treats $10-$15

Other Costs Per Month

Grooming Up to $80 
Health Care More or less $50 
Vet Visits More or less $60 
Pet Insurance $20-$50

Akita puppies price

Akita Dog Breed Information

With the Akita breed’s worldwide popularity, you can’t deny it but get curious about them.

So, here’s a quick summary for you to get to know them better:

Other names Great Japanese Dog, Japanese Akita, American Akita
Origin Japan
Breed Group Working, herding
Size Large
Type Purebred
Life Span 10 – 14 years
Weight 75 -120 pounds
Height 24 – 28 inches
Litter Size 6 -9 pups
Coat Color red, fawn, sesame, brindle, pure white
Pattern Urajiro markings or whitish coat on the sides of the muzzle, cheeks, underside of jaw, neck, chest, body, tail, and on the inside of the legs
Coat Length Short to medium
Texture & Density  Dense, feathery, or wooly
Suitable for Low or cold weather
Suitable Owner Profile Experienced, active, and patient dog owners

The Personality of the Akita Dog Breed

To help you evaluate before buying or adopting, here’s a side-by-side summary of the Akita dog breed’s prominent traits:

Positive Traits You’ll Love Negative Traits to Watch Out For
Intelligent Aggression towards strangers and other pets
Brave Heavy shedder
Loyal Difficult to train
Low barking tendencies High maintenance
Self-cleaning Stubborn
Great watchdogs Independent
Easy to groom Self-willed

The same with most dogs, the Akita breed has its fair share of cons, especially its notorious aggression.

While this is common in Akita dogs, it’s vital to take note of this trait before buying or adopting one if you have kids at home.

But with proper training, socialization, and quality of life, the Akita dog is one of the most loyal canine breeds you can find.

mixed akita breed price

Akita Breed Price: FAQs

For first-time dog owners, it’s important to assess what canine breed is good for you.

Or is it the other way around?

Kidding aside, here are some of the most-asked questions by aspiring Akita owners:

Are Akita dogs expensive?

A purebred Akita dog can cost between $1,000 to $3,000, but the Japanese variety (Akita Inu) is usually priced higher.

Akita dogs are one of the most expensive breeds in the world. 

And depending on the lineage or history of their Akita dogs, some reputable breeders can charge even higher.

Is the Akita dog dangerous?

Akita dogs can be dangerous if not properly trained. 

As working dogs, Akitas are protective, strong-willed, and stubborn in nature. 

And especially lacking regular exercise, Akita dogs can become aggressive. 

Do Akita dogs bite their owners?

Akita dogs may bite their owners, especially when they are provoked or mishandled.

Although not as aggressive as other canine breeds, Akita dogs have powerful scissor-shaped jaws and a bite force between 350 – 400 PSI.

Especially when they lack physical exercise and early training, Akitas biting their owners can be a challenge. 

Is an Akita a good guard dog?

Akita dogs are great guard dogs for your family. 

With their mighty history in ancient Japan, Akita dogs are famous for their brave, loyal, and intelligent traits.

And paired with a powerful size and alertness, Akitas are one of the best guard dogs you’ll find. 

Are Akita dogs good with kids?

Akita dogs are great around kids, but parental supervision is required. 

While Akitas are generally friendly and loving toward their owners and family members, they’re best around older children.

The Akita dog’s build and powerful bite are something to look out for. Not to mention their stubborn nature, too.

Are Akita dogs hard to train?

Akita dogs can be hard to train due to their stubborn and independent nature.

However, early training and proper socialization can do the trick.

It’s recommended to start training your Akita dogs as early as 16 weeks old.

As Akita parents, you need to lead them to a physically and mentally stimulating routine, too.

Can Akita dogs be left alone?

Akita dogs should not be left alone, especially for longer periods. 

Despite their independent nature, Akita dogs are loving and affectionate towards their owner.

They can become too attached to you that leaving your Akita dogs may trigger their aggressive tendencies.

So, have a family member dog-sit your Akitas whenever you can.

Are Akita dogs good family dogs?

Akita dogs are great family dogs because of their loyal, affectionate, and protective nature.

With proper training, socialization, and adequate living conditions, Akita dogs can develop a friendly temperament with everyone in the family.

Especially in families with older children, Akita dogs are perfect human companions.

Do Akita dogs bark a lot?

Akita dogs rarely bark unless in dangerous and threatening cases.

As hunting dogs, Akitas tend to have low barking tendencies, even if they’re excited or bored.

And considered to be the Silent Hunter, the Akita dogs are famous for their great bear-hunting skills back in the day.

Do Akita dogs shed?

Akita dogs shed twice a year during spring and fall, depending on their environment and the climate they live in.

And with their double coat, Akitas shed a lot of hair, which makes cleaning the sofa a little challenging.

Despite their self-cleaning instincts, the Akita dog is not hypoallergenic which can trigger allergies in some people.

Are Akita dogs high maintenance?

Akita dogs are considered to be high-maintenance canine breeds. 

Not only do Akita puppies require the right nutrition and vet visits, but they’ll need grooming and care as they reach adulthood.

And as working dogs, Akitas need time and space to burn their energy, too. 

While most dog parks are free and easily accessible, Akitas aren’t great around other pets and animals.

So, you might want to consider an indoor dog park for your Akita pooch instead.

Are Akitas good with other dogs?

Akitas can be aloof, reserved, or aggressive toward other dogs and pets.

They also tend to show aggression toward the same breed of the same sex.

And even when trained, the Akita dogs can still show or keep their independent and pack-leader personality around pets.

Akita Breed Price: Before You Go…

For first-time dog owners, it’s important to get to know what breed suits your lifestyle.

The same goes for those aspiring fur parents who are willing to change their lifestyle to meet their dog’s needs.

Either way, you need to properly assess the pup of your dreams and see if it’s a match made in heaven.

And for Akita lovers out there, it’s vital to take note of the pros and cons of owning and caring for one.

Not to mention, the dog’s aggressive tendencies.

Meanwhile, the Akita breed price may seem too pricey, but it’s a popular dog for a lot of reasons.

The greatest Akita trait?

Of course, their undying loyalty as shown in the 2009 film, Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.

If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know what I mean.

But if you haven’t watched it yet, I suggest you prepare a box of tissues by your side.

So, if you enjoyed reading this article, here are more interesting recommendations below!


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