Ah, YouTube, the for cat videos. But, we're dog people here, right? Fortunately, from serious to silly, YouTube has videos for us, too. The best YouTube channels for dog lovers include videos that will teach you how to care for your dog, prepare food for him and (of course) hilarious videos of dogs performing funny stunts.

While YouTube is a great entertainment tool for wasting time on a rainy Saturday afternoon, it can also be very educational. If you know which channels to watch, you can find useful information from experts on every subject from dog grooming to training.

Top Best YouTube Channels for Dog LoversAs with any information that you get on the internet, you need to be sure that your YouTube sources are credible if you're going to be taking advice from them. But, most of the time we just watch YouTube channels to brighten our spirits on a rough day or to share funny videos on our friends' Facebook pages.

Whether you're there to learn or just for a laugh, YouTube is sure to have a video or two (or 100) that will meet your needs. These 20 channels are designed for dog lovers, and they offer a little bit of everything dog-related. Which one is your favorite?

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20 Best YouTube Channels for Dog Lovers

Best YouTube Channel for Dog Lovers
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0. Top Dog Tips

I'll have to cheat a little and mention our own YouTube channel – Top Dog Tips. What you'll find on the channel is a huge variety of daily videos for dog owners and lovers alike. Anything from homemade dog food recipes, to dog supplies reviews, to dog grooming tips and dog care advice, to side by side comparisons of different pet products and more.


This channel isn’t so much for you as it is for your pup. It is the virtual way of letting your dog play with others and experience a family of their own. This channel is programming with your dog’s senses in mind.

2. Cooking with Dog

No, this channel does not feature dog meat recipes. If you are looking for something new in the kitchen, and you are a dog lover, this channel is for you. It features a Japanese cook and a poodle assistant. It is a sometimes funny way to increase your skills in the kitchen.

3. zsianz1

Here you will find a little of everything – tricks and tips, home remedies and prevention, training and clowning, hopping and showdowns! Just don’t get mad when the occasional sheep or goat pops up, as this channel embraces all furry creatures.

4. Sophia Yin

Due to Dr. Sophia Yin’s passing, this channel doesn’t have any new content, but that doesn’t take away from its value. It is full of tips, advice, and instructions. This channel doesn’t just have dogs, but cats, too. It's the kind of channel where you find things you should know that you didn’t know you should know. Best of all, it comes from a fully qualified veterinarian.

5. Eileenanddogs

I love, love, love this channel! It shows the loving, compassionate way to train your dog. Not only does the creator have videos on how to train your dog, but she has videos to show what you are doing wrong. They are great for when your dog just sits there and you don’t know why.

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Best YouTube Channel for Dog Lovers

6. DomesticatedManners

As the title implies, this channel centers around manners. It’s not just for dog’s either. It has dogs, cats, birds, goats; you never know what animal will pop up. Whether your dog is grouchy around the food bowl or skittish at the vet, dog trainer Chirag Patel can help you.

7. Mr SillySpoon

This is a smaller channel on the rise. It is great if you just want to laugh. Had a bad day at work? Turn on MrSillySpoon and you will feel better in no time.

8. Funny Pets

This new channel is not hard to figure out. It is filled with videos of funny pets. Its first videos feature dogs and babies. Can it get any cuter??

9. FunnyPetsMedia

Dogs and horses, dogs and cats, dogs and babies, dogs in clothes – this channel has it all! They upload 4 new videos each week for your entertainment. Gathered from the World Wide Web, this channel is sure to provide loads of entertainment.

10. Training Positive

Although there looks to be no recent uploads, this channel stands the test of time. I actually first found this channel from the comment sections of blogs and articles. This isn’t just about training tricks. These videos are about training a better behaved dog. When your dog is better behaved, you can have more fun.

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Best YouTube Channel for Dog Lovers11. Grisha Stewart Dog Training & Behavior

Grisha is a professional trainer, international speaker, and author. She has a whole alphabet soup after her name to prove her qualifications. She takes a different approach to training – a Buddhist approach. Her motto is to “remove obstacles for learning, empower dogs to meet their needs and problems to take care of themselves.”

12. EHowPets

It’s not just a popular website; EHow also has a line of YouTube channels. One is for pets. Tune in to find out how to find a good doggy daycare, how to properly groom your dog, how to teach good behavior, and more.

13. Kristin Crestejo, CDBC

Kristen is a “modern” dog trainer. She believes in letting your pup shine in his role in your relationship. She is a certified behaviorists that uploads videos from how to pick the right treats to how to walk on a leash. She also shares some pretty funny strange dog videos as well.

14. Fail Army

Ok, you got me. This isn’t just a dog site. It is one of the most popular funny video sites on YouTube. It just so happens that it has some pretty funny “dog fail” compilation videos as well.

15. Donna Hill

This no-frills, dressed-down site may not be great for those with a short attention span. What it does do is offer practical down to earth advice on how to care for your dog. Donna’s approach focuses on “dog language,” making her channel stand out from the rest without the fancy marketing.

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Best YouTube Channel for Dog Lovers16. Pam's Dog Academy

From health to training, this website gives you all the information you need. Whether you want to make your dog a show dog or sled dog, this YouTube channel has information that you need to know.

17. kikopup

If you only went to one YouTube channel, this would be it. It has information on practical training and trick training. You can find something about training good manners as well as safety. I like this channel because it has a variety. It doesn’t just focus on one style of working with your pup. You can get different ideas and then do what works best for your dog.

18. JustJesse197

This cute and cozy channel is full of “feels”. Follow Jesse through his life and get some good ideas of things to do with your canine friend. You don’t have to own a dog to enjoy this channel!

19. Zak George's Dog Training rEvolution

The charismatic Zak George makes it easy to find what you need. This channel has clear and concise titles and graphics making it easy to find that specific thing you are looking for. Zak’s down to earth style makes it easy to understand, too.

20. Puppy Apartment

If you need specifics, this is your channel. It tells you how to train your dog for an apartment, house, multi-dog house, whatever your needs are. It even gets breed specific. If you have tried everything else, and it still isn’t working, go to this site. Get the advice for your exact situation.

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