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PetPal Automatic Feeder Allows You To Feed Your Dog via WiFi

PetPal Automatic Feeder Allows You To Feed Your Dog via WiFi
Photo: PeTreat

Technology is making life easier for all of us – from smartphones and technologically advanced vehicles to major advancements in healthcare and easier ways to care for our pets. It seems like technology is taking over every area of the consumer market, and that’s a good thing! It’s easier than ever for dog owners to walk, groom and feed their pets.

Many of the new technological advances in the pet industry can be controlled by a few clicks on a smartphone. One of these devices is the new PetPal WiFi Automatic Feeder from PeTreat. This advanced feeder offers some features that other similar products don’t. It allows you to connect to your pet using any of your personal devices equipped with an iOS or Android operating system.

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PetPal Automatic Feeder Allows You To Feed Your Dog via WiFi
Photo: PeTreat

The PetPal feeder gives you the opportunity to feed your dog from anywhere in the world with internet access. You can also watch your dog through the built-in video camera and talk and listen to him through a speaker and microphone system. You can even record your dog and share the video on social media.

The camera is equipped with night vision, and you set the adjustable timer to feed your pet automatically throughout the day. The system captures a 1 minute video of your pet each time it automatically feeds him. You can adjust the food quantities as well, to ensure PetPal isn’t overfeeding your furry friend.

The patent pending design is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean. The simple construction has three main parts: the top, a hopper and the body. All the electronics are stored in the top. This is where the motor, microphone, speaker, camera and WiFi electronics are held.

Dog food is stored in the hopper, a stainless steel tube that keeps pests and rodents from accessing your dog’s dinner. The hopper has a 9-inch diameter and is about 11 inches tall. The body is also made of stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean and it also matches any home’s décor. The PetPal feeder can be used indoors or outside.

The patent pending hopper is equipped with non-jamming technology, so you won’t have to worry about your pet not getting his meals on time. It consists of a stainless steel round plate that screws upwards to push dog food up over the top when it’s time for your pet to eat. The hopper fits inside the body, and the top fits easily onto the body and is secured with two pins.

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PetPal allows you to automatically program up to five feeding times per day. It’s ideal for pet owners who work outside the home for long hours each day, pet owners that frequently forget to feed their dog before leaving home and dog owners who travel often. PetPal can also benefit families who have trouble keeping track of who fed the dog.

No more wondering if mom fed Fido before she left or if the kids fed him in the afternoon. With this automatic feeder you can make sure that your dog gets fed on time every time. Feeding your dog on a regular schedule is better for his digestive tract too. If you feed him on a schedule he’ll poop on a schedule, and that will be easier for everyone!

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