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Choosing perfect dog products is never easy, so we're here to help! Find guides and videos of dog supplies reviews, official testing and rankings of the best dog toys, best dog brush, best dog leash, best dog harness, best dog toothpaste, best dog flea solutions and so forth.
Buying Cheap Pet Meds Online for Dogs

Pet Meds Online: How to Safely Buy for Cheap

Buying prescription drugs for dogs each month can get expensive. Now more than ever, many dog owners on the budget struggle with the costs associated...
Christmas presents for dogs

15 Useful Christmas Presents for Dogs

Looking for something unique to gift your dog this year for Christmas? Then you’re in luck because today we’re talking about some of the...
Dog Holiday Cards

50 Most Awesome Dog Holiday Cards You Can Find

Choosing the perfect holiday card to send or give your friends and family is always a great fun! Dog holiday cards can be fun,...
DIY Homemade Flea Trap

DIY Homemade Flea Trap: A Cheap and Easy Way to Catch Fleas at Home

Say 'fleas' and you will see any dog owner cringe. These pesky little parasites have caused many a headache, but don't despair, there are...
Top 20 Pet-Friendly Christmas Decorations Safe for Dogs

20 Pet-Friendly Christmas Decorations Safe for Dogs

Dog owners know that when the Christmas time comes, it is necessary to take certain precautions in order to keep your dogs safe from...
Are Nylabone Dog Toys Safe for Dogs and Puppies

Are Nylabones Safe for Dogs and Puppies?

Getting a chew toy for your dog is a great way to occupy him, prevent destructive behavior and anxiety, and keep your pet's teeth...
Flea Collar for Dogs - Vet's Buying Guide

Veterinarian’s Guide on Flea Collars for Dogs

Fleas have been a nuisance to dogs and their human companions for millennia. In the last 50 years, flea control has become much more...
Mobility Equipment for Dogs: The Ultimate Guide

Mobility Equipment for Dogs: Comparing All the Options

Having a dog with limited mobility can be challenging. As a dog mom who parented a mobility-limited dog for fifteen years, however, I can...
Larz Dog Products hands free leash system giveaway

Giveaway: Larz Dog Products Hands Free Leash System

We're giving away a hands free dog leash system from Larz Dog Products valued at $50! It's simple and FREE to enter the giveaway.
14 Toys Your Dog Is Guaranteed to Fall in Love With

14 Toys Your Dog Is Guaranteed to Fall in Love With

    Does your dog have a favorite toy? Does he like to carry around one particular item everywhere he goes? If not, and your pooch...
How to Wash a Dog Bed (When It's too Big for the Washing Machine)

How to Wash a Dog Bed (That’s too Big for the Washing Machine)

Dog beds can be a pain to keep clean. That's why every owner needs to know how to wash a dog bed, even if it's too large to fit in the washing machine. Here's how you can do it.
Benefits of a Dog Backpack Carrier & Why I Love Mine

Benefits of a Dog Backpack Carrier & Why I Love Mine

A dog backpack carrier is a type of rag suck that you sit your little pooch in and carry her in, whether at the front...


Dog Ears - Everything You Must Know About Your Canine's Ear

Dog Ears 101: How to Care for Them and Prevent Problems

Dog ears come in various shapes and sizes; floppy, folded, small or large. Unlike humans, a dog's ears are a central feature of the dog's...
mosquito bites on dog

Mosquito Bites On Dogs: What You Need To Know

Spring and summertime are mosquito seasons where they become active, feast on their victims, and repopulate. You have seen their effects on humans, but can...
Dog Scared of Thunderstorms - 6 Things to Do to Help Your Dog

Dog Scared of Thunderstorms? Why and 7 Tips to Help

There are a variety of reasons for why your dog may be scared or show fear during a thunderstorm. Dogs can be aware of the changing...
what are dog personality traits

What are Dog Personality Traits and Types?

Like people, your pet has different dog personality types that make them different from others. They can be in a form of dog temperament that’s...
Spring Activities For Dogs Featured Image

9 Spring Activities For Dogs

Since your fur buddy has been stuck inside during winter, spring is the perfect time to spend the outdoors with them. Wondering what activities...
Michigan Pet Stores Featured Image

Michigan Pet Stores, Dog Parks, Grooming, And More

Are you planning to move to a new state or an unfamiliar place? Well, that can be challenging, especially for pet owners. If you're moving...
Spring Dog Names Featured Image

Spring Dog Names For Your New Pup!

Springtime is right around the corner! Winter's dark and cold days have finally ended, and now the temperatures are milder, and the flowers are...

Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in America

The best travel buddy has four legs and a fluffy tail, don't you agree? Most fidos love the water as pet owners do. But finding...
spring allergy in dogs

Spring Allergy in Dogs: Signs, Treatment & Prevention

Picture this: it's a lovely and pleasant day outside. Springtime is here, and the flowers are in full bloom and vigor. You decide to spend...

Dog Springtime Checklist

Going from winter to spring can be a magical experience, especially with our furry friends. Witnessing them explore the renewed colors and vitality of the...