All-Natural Pet Product Company Releases Two New CBD-Based Products

An all-natural pet product company, Pet Releaf, has Cannabidiol (CBD)-based products: Edibites CBD Treats for Dogs and CBD Hemp Oil Tinctures, a product for cats and dogs.

Company founders Alina and Steve Smith were inspired to start the company after their own dog, Mattie, had a negative reaction to opioid medications for her arthritis.

The couple began to search for effective, all-natural alternatives that would help Mattie deal with the pain of her condition, but they became frustrated quickly with the lack of healthy choices available.

That’s when they decided to create their own organic CBD-infused dog treats. That led to the company’s inception and the launch of these new products.

All-Natural Pet Product Company Releases Two New CBD-Based Products

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Pet Releaf’s mission is to provide the purest and most wholesome products for pets.

They strive to create truly healthy products that are made with honesty and integrity, something the couple feels is lacking among many large manufacturers.

It is also a priority for Pet Releaf to manufacture its products in the United States.

They focus strictly on pet products, which is different from most other companies that produce CBD-based pet products.

Typically most similar companies start with CBD-based products for humans and then branch out to offer products for pets.

Not Pet Releaf. They focus on pets and creating custom products that are specifically geared to their needs.

Edibites CBD Treats for Dogs are made in small batches in Pet Releaf’s certified commercial kitchen.

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The organic CBD Hemp Oil Tinctures are produced in a GMP-certified facility. The company uses only organic, human-grade ingredients.

Their products never contain any ingredients from China, and they are all tested in third-party certified laboratories.

The Edibites treats and Organic CBD Hemp Oil Tinctures are designed to be used as daily nutritional supplements.

They are extremely high in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and omegas. Both products include a safe, yet effective amount of whole hemp plant CBD.

It is the only compound in the natural world that benefits the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

This system is controlled by cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2).

These receptors aid in brain function and the immune system, respectively.

When the receptors are activated by CBD, they allow for two-way communication between a mammal's body systems and help with inflammation, anxiety, chronic pain, and arthritis. They may even aid in killing cancer cells.

All-Natural Pet Product Company Releases Two New CBD-Based Products

Both new products offer the same benefits, but the Organic CBD Hemp Oil Tinctures provides a more concentrated form of CBD, and it is a good alternative for any cat or dog owner who is concerned about adding extra calories to their pet’s diet.

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Edibites Treats for Dogs will be available in four flavors: Kale-Carrot, Blueberry-Cranberry, Peanut Butter-Banana, and Carob-Coconut.

The suggested retail price for a bag of 30 treats is $24.99. Each treat has a guaranteed amount of between 1-1.5 mg of CBD. The hemp oil is available in 1-ounce bottles and will cost $34.99. Each tincture has 100 mg of CBD.

In celebration of Pet Releaf’s launch, shipping will be free for the rest of September. The company also plans to add Edibits CBD Cat Treats to its product line in October, and they are hoping to launch more CBD and non-CBD-based products over the next year.

They have recently unveiled their website, as well as social media pages on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Company CEO, and co-founder, Alina Smith says they are hopeful that Pet Releaf will have a huge impact on the pet industry with their original products and commitment to the health of companion animals.

She says their goal is to have the highest quality products available in the pet product market.

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