Everyone thinks they have the cutest dog. And, while this may be true, it’s not always easy to give your pup the recognition he or she deserves. Promoting your dog online can bring up some amazing results, but especially the attention he (or you) crave for. It can seem daunting at first, but with the right tools, you’ll soon have people who think your dog is the next Boo.

Best Ways To Promote Your Dog OnlinePromoting your dog online takes patience and a lot of time. If you truly believe your canine friend has what it takes to go all the way in this internet and social media promotion venture, there are a few things you can do to get the ball rolling.

The internet is a powerful tool. There are countless ways to find information and even more to promote information that you want others to find. Whether your skills are in photography, writing or you just have a great sense of humor, there's a way to use your expertise to promote your dog online and attract a massive audience.

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15 Ways To Promote Your Dog Online

Ways To Promote Your Dog Online

1. Start a Blog

Starting a doggy blog might not be the first thing you think of when wanting to promote your dog online, but there are plenty of amazing blogs out there that say otherwise. You can write about how you and your four legged friend met, your adventures together, his favorite food, and also his favorite toys.

By adding products to your blog that your dog loves, the chances of brands seeing it doubles. This could lead to being mentioned on other social platforms. So, grab a pen and paper and start writing out your blog entries.

Plan ahead and always make sure you’re posting at least once or twice a week. The more work you put into it, the more you’ll get out. Find a good blog hosting site and build it up from there. Add pictures of your pup and what he gets up to. Make it user friendly and inviting, and eventually you’ll have repeat visitors and comments rolling in.

2. YouTube

If your dog is funny and has a knack for being a clown, YouTube is your go to place. All you need is a cellphone with a camera to start off with. Film him when he's busy chasing squirrels, playing with his friends, or even when he’s doing his tricks.

The possibilities are endless! Just make sure you always have your phone nearby in case he does something that could rack in the subscribers.

When your YouTube channel starts becoming popular, start thinking of new things to bring to the channel. Don’t make use of the same boring old ideas every week. By keeping it fresh you will be attracting new subscribers as your channel grows and evolves.

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3. Instagram

Instagram has come a long way since people posting their daily Starbucks and yoga poses. Now, it is the central hub for promoting information. And the best part is, all you need is a camera.

By taking snaps of your pooch in his day to day life, you can soon be bragging about followers from all over the world. Comments and love are a big thing in the dog community on Instagram. The people are extremely supportive and encouraging.

What you’ll need to do is find a niche.

Does your dog sleep in different funny positions? Does he wear amazing doggy clothes that you order for him from all over the world. Does he have a certain job, like being a service dog? All these are great ideas to get your pooch promoted. You just have to figure out what he’s good at.

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Ways To Promote Your Dog Online4. Twitter

Twitter is another social media platform that can be utilized to promote your dog. The possibilities are endless, and you just have to use your imagination.

Does your dog have a strong personality and you sometimes think you know what he is thinking? Does he make your friends and family laugh? Why not get him his own Twitter page so he can Tweet to his heart's content.

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5. Facebook

Facebook has likes, and likes lead to popularity. Giving your dog his very own Facebook profile might sound crazy, but there are plenty of dog owners who do exactly this. Another social media platform where a strong voice will get you places, Facebook can be used to put your dog out there in more ways than one.

Maybe he was adopted and is against breeding, you can have his page dedicated against buying from breeders. Having him write about it weekly and showing what a great dog an adopted one is could help spread the word about a position that you're passionate about.

6. Tumblr

Tumblr is a social media platform that a lot of people miss, and I don’t understand why. It’s one of the easiest ones to master, and a lot of people use it.

Giving your dog his own Tumblr page might sound crazy, but it really isn’t. Tumblr gets a lot of traffic that other social media platforms do not. This means there’s definitely a niche that you can fill. Just remember to add your hashtags!

7. Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t just for stay at home, craft making moms anymore. It’s something that even my very own dad uses nowadays.

This means there’s an untapped source just lying in wait. Make all of your dogs' social media pin friendly, and watch the traffic head towards your pup’s accounts!

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Ways To Promote Your Dog Online8. Their Own Website

Why not give your Fido his very own website? You can create it exactly how you would like it to look. You can have links to all his other social media accounts and even think of selling merchandise. The list is endless of what you can do with a website.

Tell his story and share his photos. Once again, don’t forget the hashtags and ability to pin it to Pinterest. You’ll be promoting your dog in no time if you make use of everything that is available to you.

9. An App

This is one is for all you tech savvy folk out there. It might be the hardest one on the list, but if you have a great idea why not turn it into a game or helpful app?

Maybe your Cocker Spaniel will look amazing as a cartoon. Well, why not create a game where she’s running through town sniffing out delicious things and trying to find her way home? Or perhaps an app that reminds you when you should give your dog his medication and with the medication pops up a list of all the side effects. You can use your dog’s name and face as a brand.

10. A Model

Is your dog a gorgeous German Shepherd with an amazing coat and beautiful face? Why not make up a portfolio for him and send it out to doggy agents. You never know when he might strike it big and end up in a movie!

11. Brand Ambassador

Brands are always looking for the next big thing, and if you think your dog has it, why not post photos of him with certain pet products that you know he likes? If the brand likes what they see, the might end up contacting you and asking if your dog can do more promotional work for them. The bonus here are the free samples you get to test out!

12. Advertisements

A lot of brands are advertising online nowadays, and with that comes the search for new up and coming stars. If your dog has amazing tricks up his sleeve and knows how to listen, this might just be for you.

Send a video of your dog doing tricks to any brand that you both love and see if they might be interested in hiring him. Other than that, keep a lookout for any brands looking for new stars, and apply as soon as possible.

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Ways To Promote Your Dog Online

13. Online Storybook

If you can write and draw, this is one for you. How about turning your favorite four-legged friend into an amazing story for kids. Publishing online has never been easier, and if you publish the book yourself you’ll be saving a ton of money.

14. Give Your Pet a Voice

I have spoken extensively about giving your dog a voice, and I think this is one of the most important things to remember when promoting him. A good story will never die, just make sure it’s engaging and true. Don’t lie to your audience; people can smell dishonesty a mile away.

15. Going Viral

Getting anything to go viral will take time. It’s not going to happen overnight. Your dog won’t have a thousand followers in the first two weeks. Give it time and promote everything you post. Don’t give up and enjoy the process.

You’re going to wake up one morning and the amount of followers will surprise you. Keep going. Don’t slack and don’t get lazy! Keep posting the silly things your dog does. Don’t forget to give him a lot of treats for all the work he does!

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Dom Naish is a Phoenix-based writer, vegan, cupcake addict and dog lover. Years in the animal rescue trenches have taught him every aspect of dog ownership from behavioral problems, personality and breed specific trait differences of all dogs.