is spring the best time to get a puppy

Is spring the best time to get a puppy? Does time really matter to take a new pup home?

Whether you’re a new pet owner or not, you might pop that same question in your head.

But the thing is, there are quite a few sensible reasons why spring is the best time of the year to let a puppy into your home.

So, we took this matter seriously and did our best to offer the best science-backed factors why getting dogs in spring is a thing.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Is Spring The Best Time to Get a Puppy?

The spring season is the best time to get a puppy. It offers the most convenient time for you and your dogs, especially housetraining them.

The longer days in spring also allow you to do more fun activities outdoors with your dogs, such as camping, going on beach trips, and picnics at the park.

Spring Activities For Dogs

11 Reasons Why You Should Get a Puppy in Spring

1. Spring is The Perfect Time to Walk Your Puppy

Walking your dog in spring when the weather is warm and cozy is convenient for you and your fur buddy. 

And spring is a beautiful time for your pup to explore the outside world and get its paws on the grass. 

Your dog can also do a lot of running sessions and playtime with you without worrying about slipping around.

Note: Puppies are more energetic than adult dogs. 

That said, here’s a list of light and short-burst activities for your puppies:

  • Recall
  • Go-find
  • Treat-sniffing
  • Fetch or catch
  • Obedience training

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2. Camping With Your Dog in Spring

Letting your dog out in the sun and exploring nature are great bucket list ideas.

But is camping stressful for dogs?

Camping in spring with your fur buddy doesn’t have to be stressful. You just need to find a dog campsite and a proper plan.

So, here’s a list of camping essentials for your pup:

Here are some nice-to-haves, too:

Reminder: Bugs and other insects are rampant in spring. So, be sure to bring ointments, especially for mosquito bites.

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3. Your Puppy Can Meet New and Lots of Fur-riends 

More outdoor time means more chances of meeting new furry friends!

Letting your pups stroll around the neighborhood allows them to have early socialization skills.

So, here are a few tips to help your pup get along with other dogs outdoors:

  • Introduce dogs on neutral ground — outdoors
  • Pay close attention to the dogs’ body language
  • Allow the dogs to get to know each other and let them lead

Important: Don’t force your dog to interact with other dogs if it refuses to. This is to avoid aggression and fights along the way.

Lastly, it’s best to have your pups vaccinated before taking outdoor trips.

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4. Dogs Make Great Motivation For Owners, Too!

Spring isn’t just a wonderful time for your puppies to explore the outdoors, but so for you.

True enough, dogs are mood-busters. They’re like a dose of caffeine in the morning. 

You might notice your dog telepathically telling you to “let go of that phone right now and get up.” 

Whether it’s the weekend or not, nothing beats that adorable and ecstatic pup face greeting you while in bed. 

Furthermore, a study confirmed that dog owners become motivated to exercise more, which is called The Lassie Effect.

In the study, dog owners confirm the following hypotheses:

  • Dog motivation to walk or “having a dog makes me walk more”
  • Dog encouragement to walk or “how often a dog encouraged me to walk”

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5. Take Beach Trips With Your Dog in Spring

Want to ‘seas the day' on spring break? Don’t forget to take your dog with you!

Taking a beach trip in spring is going to be an exciting adventure for you and your dog. 

Not to mention how dogs perceive the sand as their giant litter box.

That said, you should choose a dog-friendly beach first and foremost. And take note of these beach essentials before you and your pup hit the sand:

6. Hosting a Spring Puppy Picnic

Either in your backyard or at the park, puppy picnics are too adorable not to try.

When stay-at-home protocols were a thing in 2020, pet parents came up with the idea of spending time with their dogs without breaking the pandemic rules.

From there, puppy picnics rose in popularity among dog lovers around the world.

So, if you’re interested in trying this idea this spring season, take note of the following must-haves:


This is the most important item among others. 

However, pet owners should pay attention to their pup’s diet and allergies when preparing their food.

Here are some food suggestions you can try:

Tip: You can also add fresh vegetables if your dog likes to munch on some.


Of course, your pups will need lots of entertainment. So, here are some toy suggestions you can prepare:

Puppy Costume

It’s best to choose a puppy costume that goes perfectly with the picnic theme. 

However, here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

Other Props and Accessories 

For the best puppy picnic experience, don’t forget to take note of the following:

  • Table
  • Party hats
  • Picnic basket
  • Picnic blanket or bed

Clean-Up Essentials

If you’re doing a DIY puppy picnic, make sure to prepare some clean-up supplies, such as:

7. Training Sessions Are Best Done in Spring

There’s something about the spring season that boosts your cravings for outdoor activities.

For dog owners, it’s best to take advantage of this warm season to train your pups.

So, why training your puppy is best in spring?

During springtime, days are longer, and the sun is calmer. Training your dogs in spring means more time for walks, exercise, and learning tricks.

Housebreaking or potty training your pups outdoors is something you can start doing.

That said, here are a few reminders when training your dogs in spring:

  • Keep them hydrated
  • Bring insect repellents or ointments
  • Give treats and positive reinforcements
  • Start easy and make room for rest in between

8. Access to Fresh Produce for Your Dogs

‘Tis the season to savor some of the freshest harvests for you and your dog!

So, get your baskets ready. Here’s a list of nature’s bounty that’s perfect for your fur buddy:

  • Celery
  • Carrot
  • Broccoli
  • Zucchini
  • Pumpkin
  • Pineapple
  • Cucumber
  • Green peas
  • Watermelon
  • Green or red apple

Important: Never feed your dogs onion and garlic. These contain thiosulfate that’s toxic to dogs. It’s best to feed human foods that dogs can eat.

9. Spring Gives Your Dog a Dose of Vitamin D

When the sun is out and about, it’s the perfect time to get a free dose of vitamin D for you and your dogs.

Humans and animals need sunlight. Its benefits range from skin to bones. 

So, let your pups bask in the sunlight for a sensible amount of time to help regulate their calcium and phosphorus in the body.

Plus, sunbathing helps them get stronger immunity and brightens their mood. 

However, don’t leave your dogs exposed too much to the sun. Temperatures above 104°F are a no-no.

Provide a fresh bowl of water at all times and keep them hydrated.

10. Spring Can Help Brighten Your Puppy’s Mood

The spring sun can help elevate your dog’s mood and undeniably yours, too. 

That’s because sunlight helps stimulate serotonin in both humans and dogs, a neurotransmitter that affects mood, sleep, and appetite.

Did you know: Seasonal changes take a toll on human and animal physical and emotional behavior.

Sunlight exudes a lot of therapeutic effects that even artificial lighting is used to brighten up a person’s mood, especially in winter.

But you might also ask: “Do dogs suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder?”

To date, there aren’t relevant studies on the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in dogs.

However, depressive episodes are seen in mammals like rats when deprived of or exposed to a shortened amount of light.

According to animal behaviorists, depression isn’t a new thing in dogs.

The probability of SAD occurring in dogs is inevitable, especially when their owners experience it, too.

Note: SAD is a type of depression that is associated with changes in the season or short-day lengths, especially in winter.

11. Spring Sun Promotes Healthier Skin

The bright sun seems to be the star of the spring season. It doesn’t just benefit your dog’s well-being; it’s great for their skin, too.

Sunlight exposure helps your dog’s skin produce its natural oils. This helps maintain moisture and prevent irritation.

Moreover, sunlight helps your pup’s coat to be healthy and shinier by penetrating underneath their skin.

Important: Dogs can get sunburned with too much exposure to sunlight. Always supervise them when hanging out in the sun.

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best time to get a puppy

Few Vital Tips Before Getting A Puppy in Spring

Letting a new pet companion into your home is an exciting journey. However, owning a dog entails lots of responsibilities. 

So, before making that big decision, here are a few vital tips for getting a puppy this spring:

Choose or Find the Right Dog For You

While others rely on love at first sight (which is cute!), getting to know fidos first also helps you find your best match.

That said, you might want to take note of the following factors before bringing a new puppy home:

  • Personality
  • Physical traits
  • Diet and nutritional profile
  • Common behavioral problems

Where to Get Puppies in Spring? 

You can check with your local animal shelters and rescue services. 

Meanwhile, you can also look for dogs online through animal adoption websites, such as Pet Finder

Pet Finder allows you to look for animal companions anywhere in the world. You can also look into the pet owner's history for further reference.

Tip: You can ask your family and friends for pets that need new forever homes. 

Assess Your Lifestyle

Whether it’s your first time or not, planning to get a dog at home requires your commitment.

That said, it’s important to consider your personal and work lifestyle. This helps you determine how much time you can share with your dog.

So, when you’re out and busy running errands, be sure to have somebody dogsit your furry buddy when you leave for longer periods.

Find the Best Vets Near You

“Prevention is better than cure.” 

Secure a vet before getting a new pup at home. Knowledge and reliable access to information are a gem for pet owners, especially new ones.

You can ask your vet for advice on which dog breed to consider or some tips for their diet.

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Spring Dog Names for Girl Dogs

Is Spring The Best Time to Get a Puppy: Final Thoughts

With all this information in mind, is spring the best time to get a puppy? Definitely, yes.

In today’s article, we learned the many benefits of getting a dog in spring, including the following:

  • Access to fresh produce
  • More time for fun activities
  • Convenient time for training
  • Helps your dogs to socialize
  • Get health benefits from sunlight

Moreover, dog lovers suggest that anytime is the best time to get a puppy. 

While this is true, the spring season also offers optimal convenience for you as an owner. 

That’s because training a dog requires patience, commitment, and a generally good ambiance.

Springtime can just give you the ideal conditions to train and welcome your new pup into your home!

So, take advantage of the sunshine. This might be your sign to finally get a spring puppy.

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